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2020 Meeting Papers

Narrowing the Scope of NLRA Coverage: Charter Schools, Graduate Assistants, Independent Contractors and the Railway Labor Act
Susan Davis, Molly Gabel, Philip Miscimarra and Angela Thompson

NLRB Coverage: The Search for Answers
Philip A. Miscimarra

“R” Case Review
Terrence Schoone-Jongen

Communications, Decertification and Withdrawal of Recognition: All Rio Suites, Unique Thrift Store, Johnson Controls, Arlington Metals, Cablevision, Pinnacle Foods
Lori Armstrong Halber, Luis Benitez, Janet Goldberg and Jason Veny

 “C” Case Review
Richard A. Bock

Ethics Issues Related to Settlements based on the General Counsel’s Enforcement Policies of Board Law
Julie Gutman Dickinson, Ryan Funk and David Prouty

A Conversation with the National Labor Relations Board

Update from the Office of the General Counsel

 “Palpably Wrong” and “Ordinary” and “Unusual” Aggravation: Update on Deferral and NLRB Remedies
Brent Garren, Jose Masini, Kathryn Siegel and Kirsten White

Update from NLRB Solicitor and Executive Secretary
Fred Jacob and Roxanne Rothschild

Time is on “Our” Side: The Board’s Modifications to Representation Case Procedures
Robert S. Giolito, Michael Hanlon, Mark Gaston Pearce and Lyle Zuckerman

Status of Pending and Potential NLRB Rulemaking Initiatives and Related Cases: Joint Employer, Union Access and Election Protection Rule
David Birnbaum, Stanley M. Gosch, Stephanie Dodge Gournis and Yona Rozen