2019 Meeting Papers

P&P Committee Letter to the National Labor Relations Board

National Labor Relations Board Response to P&P Committee Letter

The National Labor Relations Board: A Year in Review
Amanda Jarret, Terence Schoone-Jongen and Jayme L. Sophir

Joint Employer Determinations
Peter Finch and Richard F. Griffin, Jr.

The Practitioner’s View of GC 19-02 and the Board’s FY 2019-2022 Strategic Plan
Johnda Bentley and Ashley Laken

The Duty of Fair Representation after GC Memo 19-01
Jennifer Abruzzo and Lori Armstrong Halber

Persuasive Writing: Making Your Case to the Board
Harry Johnson and Mark Gaston Pearce

Meet the National Labor Relations Board
Hon. John Ring, Hon. Lauren McFerran, Hon. Marvin Kaplan and Hon. William Emanuel

Recent Developments from the Office of the NLRB General Counsel
Hon. Peter B. Robb, John W. Kyle and Alice B. Stock

Inside the NLRB Executive Secretary’s Office
Roxanne Rothschild

NLRB Regional Directors on the Exercise of Discretion
William B. Cowen and Mori Rubin

Board Member Conflicts of Interest and Recusal Determinations
Philip Miscimarra and Nancy J. Schiffer

Rulemaking Versus Adjudication
Julie Gutman Dickinson and Bryan M. O’Keefe

Emory Law Review Article re NLRB Rulemaking