February 12, 2020

2015 Meeting Papers

Presentations made at the 2015 Midwinter Meeting of the Committee on Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA. Papers will open in new windows.

Live from the Emerald City: NLRB Members Review Key Cases

Mark Gaston Pearce, Kent Y. Hirozawa, Philip A. Miscimarra, and Harry I. Johnson III

“R” Case/“C” Case Updates with Emphasis on Procedural Issues

NLRB Representation Case Rule Changes | Summary of Significant NLRB Representation Cases

Jennifer Abruzzo and Barry J. Kearney

Significant ULP Cases in 2014 | “C” Case Review Powerpoint

Barry J. Kearney

Summary of Significant NLRB Representation Cases

Jennifer Abruzzo

A Review of Developments in NLRB: Representation Case Law during 2014

John E. Higgins, Jr.


The Great and Powerful GC: Updates on Initiatives from the General Counsel

Mandatory Submissions to Advice

Richard F. Griffin, Jr.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Practice Forum

Mark Gaston Pearce, Kent Y. Hirozawa, Philip A. Miscimarra, and Harry I. Johnson III

It’s a Twister! New R-Case Procedures

Discussion of the NLRB’s New Representation Case Rule

Anne G. Purcell, Charles I. Cohen, and Julie Gutman Dickinson

Lions and Tigers and Wildcats, Oh My! Employees and Employers Redefined

Employees, Employers, and Labor Organizations Redefined

Peter S. Ohr, Julie Ulmet, David Birnbaum, and Jennifer Hunter

Throwing Apples and Fighting over Shoes: How the FMCS Can Help

Allison Beck, Peter Finch, and Stanley M. Gosch

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: The Overlapping Jurisdiction of the NLRB with Other Federal Agencies

Executive Order: Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces

Concerns with the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order (E.O. 13673)

Back on Course: NLRA Jurisdiction over Airline Independent Contractors

Brent Garren

Executive Order 17673: "Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces"

Ben Bodzy

There’s No Place Like Home: Regional Directors Panel

Joseph F. Frankl, Olivia Garcia, Peter S. Ohr, and Mori Rubin

Federal Register Case Rule Excerpts

Elections: Preliminary Elections

Decision and Order Denying Review


OM12-57: Electronic Distribution/Posting of Notices and Reading of Notices

OM14-48: Additional Guidance Regarding Default Judgments

GC11-10: Clarification of Memorandum GC 11-04

GC11_04: Revised Casehandling Instructions Regarding the Use of Default Language in Informal Settlement Agreements and Compliance Settlement

GC12-02: Inclusion of Front Pay in Board Settlements

OM07-27: Non-Board Settlements


OM95-59: Section 11 Subpoenas

Allied Waste Services Board Order

McDonalds and Mid-South Organizing Committee Subpoena

Allied Waste Services Subpoena

Section 10(j)

Section 10(j) Categories

GC10-07: Effective Section 10(j) Remedies for Unlawful Discharges in Organizing Campaigns

GC14-03: Affirmation of 10(j) Program

United Maintenance Company Unpublished Order

Republic Services: Case 20 RC-133841 (Allied RD Letter)

Covanta Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture Directing Order

Covanta Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture Unpublished Order

GC11-06: First Contract Bargaining Cases: Regional Authorization to Seek Additional Remedies and Submissions to Division of Advice


A Peek Behind the Curtain: A Look at the Inner Workings of the Board

Jennifer Abruzzo, William B. Cowen, and Gary Shinners

Office of the Solicitor

William B. Cowen

Headquarters Divisions, Branches and Offices | Organization Chart | Office of the Executive Secretary

Jennifer Abruzzo


New Ruby Slippers: Purple Communications, Babcock & Wilcox, Murphy Oil and Other Recent Case Developments

Union and Employers Perspectives on Three New Significant Cases

Joseph F. Frankl, Olivia Garcia, Mori Rubin, Bob Giolito, and Mark Ross

Babcock & Wilcox Decision and Order

Purple Communications Decision & Order Remanding

Murphy Oil Decision and Order

Attachment 1 to Memorandum GC 15-02

Guideline Memorandum Concerning Deferral to Arbitral Awards, the Arbitral Process, and Grievance Settlements in Section 8(a)(1) and (3) cases 

Memorandum GC 15-02, Attachment 2.a

Memorandum GC 15-__, Attachment 2.b



A Horse of a Different Color--Preventing Attorney Ethical Meltdown in an Age of Rapid Technological Change

Pamela Jeffrey, Levy Ratner, Sara Kalis, and Rachel See