April 02, 2021

2014 Meeting Papers

Presentations made at the 2014 Committee on Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA Midwinter Meeting. Papers will open in new windows.

Summary of Significant NLRB Representation Cases from Janaury 2013 to February 2014

Jennifer Abruzzo

Document Preservation & Production Obligations in Board Proceedings

Todd C. Duffield

Ethical Issues: Dealing with a Worker's Choice of Counsel during NLRB Proceedings, Knowing that Some Times It Might Be You

Cathrine J. Harshman

A Review of Developments in NLRB Representation Case Law during 2013

John E. Higgins, Jr.

Significant ULP Cases in 2013

Barry J. Kearney

Section Letter to the NLRB | Response from the NLRB (3-16-2014)

Applying the Act to the Non-Union World

Johnda (Jonnee) Bentley and Jennifer Platzkere Snyder

NLRA Policies, Procedures, and Remedies Relating to Unauthorized Immigrant Workers

Julie Rivchin Ulmet

Ethical Practice Before the NLRB

Lori W. Ketcham

The Management Perspective on the Proposed Rule to Change Rules Governing National Labor Relations Board Representation Case Procedures

L. Michael Zinser

"Easy In, Easy Out:" A Future for U.S. Workplace Representation

Samuel Estreicher