March 3-5, 2021 | Virtual

Midwinter Meeting Papers

“Going Mobile”: The Impact of COVID-19 on Representation Proceedings
Brenda N. Canale, Brent Garren and Lance Geren

Update from the Office of the General Counsel: 2020 Enforcement Developments and 2021 Planned Initiatives
Peter Sung Ohr, Susan Davis and Tanja L. Thompson

“R” Case Review: Discussion of Recent Issues Arising in Bargaining Unit Elections under Section 9 of the Act
Terence G. Schoone-Jongen

A Conversation with the National Labor Relations Board
Hon. Lauren McFerran, Hon. John F. Ring, Hon. Marvin E. Kaplan and Hon. William J. Emanuel

"Trying to Get Through": Update on NLRB General Counsel Operations and Advice Memoranda
RyAnn McKay Hooper and Jessica Rutter

"A Legal Matter": Legal Standards and Procedures Applicable to Recusal of NLRB Members
Stanley Gosch, Sang-yul Lee, Yona Rozen and Rebecca J. Sivitz

"See Me, Feel Me": Virtual Hearings in Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings
Sara B. Kalis and Jessica Drangel Ochs

“C” Case Review
Richard A. Bock

"Do You Think It's Alright?": Status of Pending and Potential NLRB Rulemaking Initiatives and Related Cases
Allison Anderson and Jose A. Masini

"Time Is Passing": What to Expect at the NLRB in 2021 and Beyond
Marshall B. Babson, Julie Gutman Dickinson, Robert S. Giolito and Timothy Kohls