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February 27-March 1 | Anaheim, CA

Midwinter Meeting Papers

A Conversation with the National Labor Relations Board

Hon. Lauren McFerran, Hon. Marvin E. Kaplan, Hon. David M. Prouty, Hon. Gwynne A. Wilcox, Pamela Jeffrey and Kathryn E. Siegel

"C” Case Review: Discussion of Significant Unfair Labor Practice Cases

Richard A. Bock, Dorothy Singletary and Carlos Torrejon

Update from the Office of the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel

Hon. Jennifer A. Abruzzo,  Allison L. Anderson, and Julie Gutman Dickinson

How to Thryv in NLRB Settlement

Ryan Funk, Nneka Maceo and Mori Rubin 

“R” Case Review- Discussion of Recent Issues Arising in Bargaining Unit Elections Under Section 9 of the Act

Terence Schoone-JongenCary Reid Burke, and Luke Klein


From Demands for Recognition to Elections and What Happens In-between

Anthony B. Byergo, William B. Cowen and Susan Davis

How Cemex Changes the World of Remedies: Bargaining Orders, 10(j) and More

Reyburn Lominack, SaNni Lemonidis and Lynn Ta


The Surge of the Strike and Implications for Practice Before the NLRB

Willie Burden, Genaira L. Tyce and Sarah K. Burke

Who is an Employer and Who is an Employee Under the NLRA? The Impacts of Joint Employer Law and Worker Classification in Today’s Economy

Raven Hall, Andy Krafts, Peter Sung Ohr and Kirsten White

Contract Bargaining in the World of Wendt

Sara Cudahy, Bob Giolito, Jessica Rutter and Mark Stolzenburg

Attorney Burn-Out and the Ethics of Representing Our Clients During Peak Busyness

Samantha Bononno and Oriana Vigliotti