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2020 Meeting Papers

MSHA Accident Investigations: A to Z
Mark E. Heath, TJ Baker, Bill Doran, Karen Johnston, Todd Myers and Robert Wilson

FMSHRC Decisions and Best Practices before Commission ALJs
TJ Baker, Hon. Thomas P. McCarthy, Michael McCord and Hon. Glynn F. Voisin

MSHA Statistics
|Jason S. Grover

Effective Mine Safety and Health Programs: What Improves Safety?
April E. Nelson, TJ Baker, Brad Mantel, Nick Scala, Ryan Seelke and Jim Vicini

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Hot Topics in Safety Issues at Metal/Non-Metal Mines
Dan Z. Zaluski, TJ Baker, Jason Grover, Willa B. Perlmutter, Kristin White and John Williams

Hot Topics for All in Mine Safety
Dennise Smith, TJ Baker, Jason S. Grover, Mark Heath, Todd Myers, Dana Svendsen and Arthur Wolfson

OSHA Primer
Lindsay DiSalvo, Randy Rabinowitz and Paul Spanos

2019-2020: Key Issues in Enforcement
Steve McCown, Patrick Kapust and Orlando J. Pannocchia

Significant OSH Commission and Appellate Decisions
Dennis J. Morikawa, Edmund C. Baird, Victoria L. Bor and Carla J. Gunnin

Remarks from the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

Issues of Ethics, Professionalism and Civility in OSHA/MSHA Practice, including a Discussion of Practice Issues for Those with Multi-State Practices
George Salem, Hon. Glynn F. Voisin, Hon. Covette Rooney and Hon. Thomas P. McCarthy

Practicing Before the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission: Issues of Civility & Ethics
Hon. Covette Rooney

Opioids in the Workplace
Shontell Powell and John Howard, MD

Toward a Safe New Day: The Role of New Technologies in Safety Programs
Ronald W. Taylor, Chrysoula Komis, Ph.D., Juan Lopez and Heather MacDougall

Agency Guidance Under Recent Executive Orders
Jonathan Snare, Edmund Baird, Kenneth Kleinman and Katie Tracy

Evolution of Process Safety Management
Eric Conn, Greg Dillard, Daniel Hennefeld and Nicole Marquez-Baker

TSCA and Impact on Worker Safety and Health
Valerie Butera and Randy Rabinowitz

View from Beyond: OSHRC Judges Panel
Eric Hobbs, Madeleine T. Le, Hon. Carol A. Baumerich, Hon. Sharon Calhoun, Hon. William Coleman, Hon. Brian A. Duncan and Hon. Christopher D. Helms

OSHA in Practice: Mock Cross Examination
Hon. Dennis L. Phillips, Jason Mills and Margaret Sewell

California Workplace Violence and Indoor Heat Rules for General Industry
Benjamin J. Kim, Doug Parker, Alka Ramchandani-Raj and Jora Trang

Access to and Protection from Potential Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act
Jonathan Karmel, Madeleine T. Le and Adam Young

Construction/Dusting Off Your Understanding of the New Silica Rule
Howard Mavity, Scott Ketcham, Kathryn M. McMahon, Orlando J. Pannocchia and Rebecca Reindel, MS, MPH

What Can and Does Evoke Criminal Prosecution under the OSH and MSH Acts
Doug Crim, Kevin D. Bland, Kelly Ernby, Lana N. Pettus and Peter Vassalo