2019 Meeting Papers

Just released:
Integra Health Management, Inc.
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

2018-2019: OSHA Remarks and Key Issues in Enforcement
Steve McCown, Patrick Kapust & Orlando J. Pannocchia

Whistleblower, Retaliation, and Alternative Litigation
Kenneth D. Kleinman, Schean Belton, Scott Hall & Susan Wiltsie

Remarks from the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Hon. Heather MacDougall, Hon. Cynthia Attwood & Hon. James Sullivan

Issues of Ethics, Professionalism and Civility in OSHA/MSHA Practice, including a Discussion of Practice Issues for Those with a Multistate Practice
Jonathan Karmel, Hon. Margaret Miller & Hon. Covette Rooney

The General Duty Clause: Its Use and Limitations
Shontell Powell, Jonathan Karmel, Dennis J. Morikawa & Orlando J. Pannocchia

The Role of Safety in Emergency Response, including Hurricanes Irma and Maria: The Response to the Natural Disasters in Puerto Rico
Aaron R. Gelb, Luis Diaz-Marcano, Benjamin Kim & William Shaklee

OSHA Recordability, Reportability and Impact on Workers’ Compensation: The Interplay between OSHA’s Amended 29 CFR 1904.35 and Workers’ Compensation Laws and Administration
Crystal S. McElrath, Michael Doyle, Eric Frumin & William J. Wahoff

The Process Safety Management Standard Interpreted
Gregory D. Dillard, Doug Parker & Peter Vassalo

OSHA Inspection Issues
Randy Rabinowitz, Nelva J. Smith & Tim Williams

Objection Overruled, or Will It Be Sustained?
Hon. Patrick Augustine, Hon. Heather Joys & Hon. Dennis L. Phillips

Significant OSH Commission and Appellate Decisions
Jonathan L. Snare, Edmund C. Baird, Eric Conn & Emily Tulli

Toward a Safe New Day: Rethinking 21st Century Safety Programs
Ronald W. Taylor, Nick DiMartino, Eric Frumin, Patrick Kapust & Fred Rine

Construction Update
Carla Gunnin, Victoria L. Bor, Scott Ketcham & Jason Mills

OSHA Primer
Lindsay A. Di Salvo, Randy Rabinowitz & Paul Spanos

Mine Safety and Health Administration Track

Pattern of Violations Cases after Pocahontas Coal
Willa B. Perlmutter, Mark E. Heath and Doug Parker

Settlement Agreements after American Coal II, Rockwell and Solar Sources
Kristin White, Thomas Paige, Doug Parker and Nicholas W. Scala

Interference Claims Under Section 105c: Where are We and Where are We Headed?
Mark E. Heath, T.J. Baker, Jason Grover, Tony Oppegard & Kristin White

Panel on Hot Issues in Mine Safety: S&S, Flagrant; Experts in Hearings; Pre-shift Examinations at Non-Metal Mines, and MSHA Enforcement at Non-Metal Mines; Developments in Traditional 105(c) Cases
Daniel Wolff, T.J. Baker, Jason Grover, Margaret “Margo” S. Lopez & Tony Oppegard

Power of MSHA ALJs after the Sixth Circuit Ruling in Jones Brothers, 898 F.3d. 669 (July 31, 2018), and Where Do We Go from Here
Willa B. Perlmutter, Thomas Paige & John Williams