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April 02, 2021

2009 Meeting Papers

Each of the following links will open to a new window containing an Adobe PDF document.

Reporting and Recording of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses – Potential Problems and Consequences | Powerpoint

David E. Jones, Stephen A. Yokich, James W. Stanley and Stephen A. Newell 

OSHRC Hearings and Mandatory Settlements – Steps for Ensuring Efficient, Fair Proceedings

Felix C. Wade, Hon. Irving Sommer, Stephen A. Yokich, James Glickman and Dennis J. Morikawa

Criminal Prosecutions for Workplace Fatalities and More – Federal and State Update | Powerpoint

Lynn Rhinehart, Andrew D. Goldsmith, Frances Schreiberg and Ronald W. Taylor

Construction Safety – New and Emerging Issues

Charles P. Keller

Significant Case Decisions

Kenneth D. Kleinman, Joseph Woodward, Victoria L. Bor and Michael T. Taylor

Comments from the Commissions

LeAnn MyNatt, Hon. Horace A. Thompson, III and Hon. Michael G. Young

State Plan Update – Differences from Federal OSHA and Other Issues | Powerpoint

Scott H. Dunham, Steven F. Witt, Jonathan Krasnoff, Danielle Lucido and George Goodman

OSHA National Emphasis Programs – Industries in the Targeting Crosshairs

Richard E. Fairfax, Charles H. Morgan, Orlando Pannocchia and Eric E. Hobbs

View From the Hill – OSH Legislative Direction and Oversight

George R. Salem, Lynn Rhinehart and Marc Freedman