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March 5-8 | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Mine Safety and Health Administration

Remarks from Melanie Calhoun, MSHA Senior Executive Leadership

Melanie Calhoun

Remarks from The Chief Administrative Law Judge, Advice on Practicing Before an ALJ, and A Review of Commission and ALJ Decisions on Settlement Approvals

Hon. Thomas McCarthy, Jason Riley, Hon. Glynn F. Voisin

MSHA Hot Topics: 1) Two MSHA Cases Pending Request for Review at The U.S. Supreme Court on Mine Act Jurisdiction (KCT Trucking) and History of Violations (GMS Mining), 2) Return of Denial of Entry Issues for MSHA Inspectors; and 3) Pattern of Violations and its revival with two mines now under Pattern.

Zach Byers, Melanie Kilpatrick, April Nelson, Emily Roberts, Arthur Wolfson

Best Practices for Oral Arguments Before the Commission and Report on Commission Workload and Appeal Processing 

Mark E. Heath, April Nelson,  Hon. Mary Lu Jordan Chair, Hon. William I. Althen, Hon Timothy J. Baker, Hon. Marco M. Rajkovich Jr.


What’s New in Health Law – Respirable Dust, Silica, Noise Testing and Hearing Conservation Plans and Efforts to Make Mines Safer, Including Proximity Detection on Surface and In Underground Mines

April Nelson, Willa Perlmutter, Nick Scala, Kristin White

Accident Investigation Processes and Procedures, Including Who Can Attend, Roles of All the Parties, Including Family Members; Development of The Report and When Parties Are Notified, Public Hearing Option and When Families Are Given Report and Any Violations.

Mark E. Heath, Melanie Kilpatrick, Emily Roberts, Kristin White

Workplace and Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA Overview 2024: Key Issues in Workplace and Occupational Safety and Health (Primer)

Rachel Culley and Shelaugh Michaud

  • Q & A with the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health and the Solicitor of Labor

LaTasha T. Thomas  Hon. Douglas L. Parker and Hon. Seema Nanda

Union and Employee Participation in the Work and Missions of OSHA and State Departments of Labor: From A (for Aggregate Litigation) to W (for Walkarounds) and Beyond

Dee Anna Hayes, Scott Elliott, Ruben Escobedo, Eric Frumin and Anne Godoy

2022-2023: Key Issues and Takeaways in Enforcement and Rulemaking: DOJ Coordination, Large Cases, and Beyond

Kate McMahon, LaTasha T. Thomas, Peter Vassalo and Dionne Williams

Significant Labor and Employment, Administrative Law, Major Decisions in OSHRC cases, and Other Decisions Affecting the World of Workplace Safety

LaNita McWilliams, Edmund Baird, Alana Genderson, and Randy Rabinowtiz

It’s a Global Workforce – Employer International Health and Safety Obligations

 Alka Ramchandani-Raj, Emily Hargrove, Rachel Geman, Benjamin Kim

Concurrent Sessions

Breakout A:  Strategies for Addressing Sexual and Racial Harassment in the Workplace Beyond the Individual Lawsuit

J. Davis Jenkins, Samantha Monsees, Tahir Duckett

Breakout B: Keeping an Eye on State OSHA Plans

PowerPoint Presentation

Juan Lopez,  Judith M. Cruz Concepción, Elliot Furs and Phillip Russell

Breakout C: Hot Topics related to Workplace Hazards: Heat and Ergonomics

Adam Roseman, Eric Frumin, Catherine L. Seidelman, Heather MacDougall and Tabitha Thompson

Ethical Issues Arising from AI and Big Data

Mini Kapoor Ph.D., Lindsay DiSalvo and Alexandra Wald

Remarks from and Discussion with OSHRC and the Administrative Law Judges

Nadine Mancini,  Hon. Cynthia Attwood and Hon. Covette Rooney  

Mock Mediation: Health, Safety, and Wage Violations at the Multi-Employer Worksite

Hon. Christopher D. Helms, Peter Vassalo,  Karen Bobela, Melanie Paul and Amy Shulman

Vulnerable Workers and Those Who Employ Them: Current Topics, Crossover Immigration Issues, and OSHA Visa Program

Brandon Brigham,  Scott Hecker, Juan Lopez and Nicole Marquez

Mental Health Trade Offs

Paige LaBorde, Christopher E. Coleman, Haley Degnan and Karen Bobela