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May 5-9 | Mexico City, Mexico

Midwinter Meeting Papers

The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and The Rapid Response Mechanisms

Octavio Benavides Narro, Sofia Gómez Bautista, Pablo Franco Hernández,  Pablo Solorio,  Dr. Gabriel Tamariz Sánchez and Andrea Zwack

New Collective Bargaining Process in Mexico, Union Democracy Clauses in Mexico and the New Role of the Federal Conciliation and Registration Center

Arturo Alcalde, Joaquín del Olmo Martínez, Alfredo Dominguez Marrufo,  Inés González Nicolás,  Adonai Ruiz Romero and Oscar de la Vega Gómez

Industries Shaping Mexico’s Economy and Labor Movement

Prof. Graciela Bensusan,  Oziel Guerrero, Juan Carlos de la Vega, Dr. Manuel Fuentes Muniz, Tereso Medina Ramírez and Eduardo Ocampo Bautista

Climate Change and Just Transition Impacts on Labor and Employment

Elisabet Calzada Oliveras,  Kelly M. Dermody, Rachel Dixon and Jeff Vogt

Recent and Upcoming Labor Law Reforms in Latin America and The New Labor Justice System in Mexico

Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua, Sergio Javier Molina Martinez,  Mery Laura Perdomo,  Valente Quintana and Vicente Umaña Carrizosa

Labor Migration across the Americas

Alejandra Ancheita Pagaza, Amanda Aziz, Jonathan A. Grode, Maria Isabel Lecanda Sanchez and Prof. David Lopez

Free Speech in the Workplace 

Hon. Charlotte A. Burrows, Paul Callaghan, Cara E. Greene, George L. Washington, Jr. and Prof. Marley Weiss

Restrictive Covenants and Non-Competition Clauses 

Alvaro J. Altamirano,  Els de Wind, Tyler M. Paetkau, Michael C. Subit and Cody Yorke

Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Atul Gupta, Louis Lopez, Alejandro Martinez, Anne B. Shaver, Johannes Traut and Jennie Wyatt

Global Supply Chain Accountability

Jan Buschmann, Aaron Halegua, Danny Kaufer, Prof. Cynthia E. Nance and Jennifer “JJ” Rosenbaum

Emerging Areas of Protection against Discrimination around the Globe

Claire Dawson, David Glanstein, Samantha C. Grant, Bruna Scotti Abreu and Shiraz Sethi

Women’s Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

Colleen Cleary,  Hon. Stephanie M. Jones, Emily Martin, María José Sánchez García and Brenda Suttonwills

Background Checks Data Privacy, Employee Privacy and Discrimination 

Denise M. Clark, Michelle M. Gallardo, Wendi S. Lazar, Paola Morales, Nuhad Ponce Kuri and Roselyn Sands

Momentum in the Labor Movement: How New Labor Strategies Have Advanced Organizing and Bargaining Objectives

Mary Joyce Carlson, Alfredo Kupfer Dominguez, Jason Marsili, Michael G. Sherrard and Robert B. Stulberg

Recent and Upcoming Elections around the World and Their Expected Impact on Labor and Employment Law

Stéphane Fillion, Veena Gopalakrishnan,  Diego Kelly, Monika Mehta, Ify Okoli-Watson and Wayne N. Outten

Background Materials

Excerpts from the ABA/Bloomberg Law International Labor and Employment Laws Treatise: