2016 Meeting Papers

Materials presented at the 2016 Midyear Meeting of the ABA International Labor and Employment Law Committee. Papers will open in separate windows.


All papers in single Portfolio file (PDF, 68MB)


China: Labor and Employment Laws, from the Committee treatise, International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition, Volume IA

Hong Kong: Labor and Employment Laws, from the Committee treatise International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition, Volume IB


A Comparative Overview of Hong Kong’s and China's Labor and Employment Laws, Regulations and Institutions

A Review of the PRC Employment Contract Law 2008

Jiang Junlu

Analysis on Anti-Labor Contract Law Viewpoints

Liu Cheng

The ILO Convention 189 and the Emerging Global Movement of Domestic Workers | Organizing migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong: the case of migrant domestic workers unions

Elizabeth Tang

Meeting the Challenges of the Future: Perspectives on the Changing Labor and Employment Landscape in China and the Asia-Pacific Region
Cynthia Estlund, Brendon Carr, and Tetsuro Kinoshita

Collective Action: Topical and Sensitive Issues

Isabelle Wan

TTIP: Time for a New Approach to Labor Rights and Standards

Owen Nerrnstadt


Fulfilling the Promise of Corporate Social Responsibility

Gary R. Siniscalco, Laura Chapman and Christy Hoffman

The Global Resistance Movement Against Income Inequality (38MB)

Mary Joyce Carlson


Laws on the Books vs. Laws on the Ground: Minimum Employment Standards and Concerted Activity in China and the Region?

The ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and the Worsening Exploitation of Seafarers under the Flag of Convenience System

Edwin Dela Cruz


Workplace Integration of Refugee and Migrant Workers

Jennifer Rosenbaum, Hon. P. David Lopez, Melville Boase and Jean-François Gerard

Multinational Employers and their Mobile Employees

Negotiating and Drafting Expatriate Employment Agreements | Supplement

Wendi S. Lazar and Wayne N. Outten

Litigating Cross-Border Discrimination Claims in Multiple Jurisdictions: A Global Strategy for Expatriate Employers

Robert B. Stulberg and Amy F. Shulman

Cross-Border Employment Law Developments | Labor Prosecution Office Complaint | Report of the Fast Food Wage Board to the NYS Commissioner of Labor

Mike Delikat

Expats in India: Key Issues

Atul Gupta


The “Uber” Phenomenon: “On Demand” Businesses, Contingent Workers and Other Alternative Work Models around the Globe

Rights on Demand: Workplace Standards and Corporate Accountability

Catherine K. Ruckelshaus

Administrator’s Interpretation No. 2015-1: The Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s “Suffer or Permit” Standard in the Identification of Employees Who Are Misclassified as Independent Contractors

Case: Hilda L. Solis, Secretary of Labor v A+ Nursetemps, Inc. and Michael J. Arthur

Hon. M. Patricia Smith

Tailored Taxi Service in China and Related Employment Issues

Carol Zhu

Global Perspectives on Labor and Employment Law Dispute Resolution

Global Perspectives on Labor and Employment Law Dispute Resolution

Richard Fincher and Helen Colquhoun

The Debate Over Raising Chinese Labor Standards Goes International | Getting Paid: Processing the Labor Disputes of China's Migrant Workers | Reforming the People's Mediation System in Urban China | Strike a Balance | Bubble Economics | Mediation and Arbitration of Labor Disputes in Mainland China

Aaron Halegua

International Comparative Legal Guide to Employment & Labour Law 2016: Chapter 19: Hong Kong

Pattie Walsh and Jeannette Tam


INDUSTRY DAY: An In-Depth Look at the Critical Labor and Employment Law Issues Facing Three Key Industries with Substantial Presence in the Asia-Pacific Region

Airlines and Hospitality

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal--Chairperson Vision

Shirish P. Chotalia

Technology Manufacturing
Matthew Durham, Chow Hang Tung and Xiang Wang

Financial Services

Lesli Ligorner, Colleen Cleary and Steve Merwise

Financial Services and the Trans Pacific Partnership: Whistleblower and Corruption Challenges in the Vietnamese and Asian Banking and Finance Industries

Thad M. Guyer

Protecting Executive Deferred Compensation: Legal Avenues and Strategic Tips | The Executive Ex Pat Agreement: A Checklist of Possible Terms

Nancy Shilepsky

The Executive Ex Pat Agreement: A Checklist of Possible Term