2015 Meeting Papers


Materials presented at the 2015 Midyear Meeting of the ABA International Labor and Employment Law Committee. Papers will open in separate windows.

Spanish Labor and Employment Law:  Overview and Practice Under the 2012 Reforms

International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition, Volume 1A

Flexicurity or Flexiprecarity?Austerity, Inequality and Recovery in Spain and Around the World

Current Concerns in Spanish Employment Law
Ignacio García-Perrote

The Italian Reforms | The Guidance on Employment Provided by the European Union
Cristiano Cominotto

Flexicurity or Flexiprecarity? Reactions and Perspectives from the European Union
Patrick Thiébart

Breaking the Equilibrium Between Flexibility and Security:Flexiprecarity as the Spanish Version of the Model
Julia López, Alexandre de le Court and Sergio Canalda

Tribunal Supremo, Case Law 24/12/2014
Julia López

Foreign Workers, Guest Workers and Refugees: Managing the Legal Challenges of Non-Traditional Employment Relationships Across Borders

Foreign Workers in the United States: Rights and Realities
Judith Droz Keyes and Colin D. Wells

Overview of Foreign Workers' Law and Protections: The Special Case of Israel
Alexander Spinrad

Foreign Workers Protection in Canada

Pascal Rochefort

Independent Contractors and Interns, “Zero-Hours” Contracts and Just-in-Time Scheduling: Organizing, Representing and Bargaining with Precarious Workers

Exploiting Chinese Interns as Unprotected Industrial Labor
Earl V. Brown, Jr. & Kyle A. deCant

Trade: Self-Employee Economically Dependent
Mr. Román Gil Alburquerque

Precarious Workers--A Short Outline of Issues and Developments in the UK
Georgina Hirsch

Precarious Workers | Outline French Law
Yasmine Tarasewicz

European Environment of "Flexisecurity"
Loose translation of a part of an article written by Florence Canut

Not Just Your National Pastime: Global Labor and Employment Law Issues in Basketball, Fútbol and International Sport

European Sports Law and Policy Bulletin: International and Comparative Sports Justice
Michele Colucci and Karen L. Jones, editors

Arbitration Rules | The Standard Arbitration Clause
Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT)

FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players

Globalization under Attack, on the Soccer Field
Binyamin Appelbaum

Pay Equity, Caregiving and the Challenges of Work-Life Balance: International Responses and Solutions

The Pay Gap, the Glass Ceiling, and Pay Bias: Moving Forward Fifty Years After the Equal Pay Act
Gary Siniscalco, Lauri Damrell and Clara Morain Nabity

April 2015 Supplement to The Pay Gap, the Glass Ceiling, and Pay Bias:Moving Forward Fifty Years After the Equal Pay Act
Gary Siniscalco & Lauri Damrell

Choices, Bias, and the Value of the Paycheck Fairness Act: A Response Essay
Nicole Buonocore Porter

The Principle of Equal Pay between Men and Women in EU Law

Susanne Burri

The Role of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Addressing the Gender Pay Gap in the United States

Charlotte A. Burrows, Deborah J. Vagins and Lindsey A. White

Does the Work Day Ever End? How Employers, Unions and Employees are Grappling with Email, Social Media, BYOD and On-Call Responsibilities Around the Clock and Around the Globe

Key Privacy Considerations for Companies Operating in the “Cloud”
Ian Carleton Schaefer, Adam Solander, Patricia Wagner and Kristopher Reichardt

A German Perspective  | Powerpoint
Dr. Christopher Jordan

Mergers and Acquisitions: Key Concerns in Labor and Employment Law

Key Employment Law Concerns in M&A Transactions in India
Atul Gupta

Transfer of Undertaking in the European Union
Sonia Cortés

Zellers Inc v. U.F.C.W., Local 1518, 2012 CanLII 68305: By Way of Lease Transfer, Did Zellers Transfer Its Business to Target?

Pierre Moreau

Old--and New--Models for Setting and Enforcing Labor Standards

Labor Rights, Manufacturing, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Owen E. Herrnstadt

Comments of Owen Herrnstadt, Chief of Staff and Director of Trade and Globalization,the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Concerning Development of the National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct
January 15, 2015

Labour Standards: Hard Law and Soft Law. Paternalism and Economic Efficiency
Pablo Santos Fita

Request for a preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU from the Gerechtshof te 's-Gravenhage (Netherlands)

Can the North American Regional Integration Model Be Modernized in TPP and TTIP To Take Account of Citizens and Workers: Deepening, Widening, De-Intensifying or Democratizing
Marley S. Weiss

The UN Guiding Principals on Business and Human Rights: An Introduction
The UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights

Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Implementing the United Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework
United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner

From Germany to Tennessee, from Mondragon to Michigan:The Impact of Imported Foreign Models for Worker Organizing and Empowerment on U.S. Workplaces and Multinational Companies

Power Struggles--The Rise of Labor Unrest in China | Essential Things to Know About Labor & Employment Law in China
Winston & Strawn LLP

OnLabor Blog articles | The Unbundled Union: Politics Without Collective Bargaining

Benjamin Sachs

New Strategies to Achieve Minimum, Maximum, Living and Sectoral Wage Rates

Minimum Wages and Precarious Work in the US Trends and Reforms
Catherine K. Ruckelshaus

Restrictive Covenants and Labor Mobility: A Case Study of Non-Competes, and Choice-of-Law Provisions, in the Legal Profession

Restrictive Covenants and Labor Mobility: A Case Study of Non-Competes, and Choice-of-Law Provisions, in the Legal Profession
Wendi S. Lazar

Restrictive Covenants and Labor Mobility: A Case Study of Non-Competes, and Choice-of-Law Provisions, in the Legal Profession
Clare Murray

French Perspective on Restrictive Covenants Applied by Foreign Law Firms with Offices in France
François Berbinau