2020 Meeting Papers

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Update
Kristin D. Alden, Robbie Dix III and Tony White

The Hatch Act and Employee Speech in the Public Workplace
Ana Galindo-Marrone and Erica Hamrick

Telework in the Federal Workplace
Travis Q. Elliott, Joseph V. Kaplan and Allison Uehling

Merit Systems Protection Board Update
Michael Bogdanow, Julia H. Perkins and Nathanael Yale

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Federal Sector
Heidi R. Burakiewicz, Ericka G. Dorsey and Maxie Hamilton

Whistleblower Update
Debra D’Agostino, Shireen Hansen and Louis Lopez

Federal Labor Relations Authority Update
Cathie McQuiston and Rebecca Osborne

ADA/Rehabilitation Act Case Update
Jeanne Goldberg and Joel A. Kravetz

Security Clearance Update
Mary Kuntz and Peregrine Russell-Hunter