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2019 Meeting Papers

EEOC Update
Kristin Alden, Robbie Dix and Jeff Rosenblum

The Civil Service Reform Act at 40: A Retrospective and Look Ahead
Michael Bogdanow and Tim Hannapel

The New Executive Orders
Cathie McQuiston and Jeffrey Neal

MSPB Update
Peter Broida and Katrina Lederer

Negotiating and Drafting Effective Settlement Agreements
Christina Cotter, Cathy Harri and Rock Rockenbach

The Hatch Act and Employee Speech in the Public Workplace
Ana Galindo-Morrone

FLRA Update
Jefferson Friday, Rebecca J. Osborne and David Shewchuk

Whistleblower Update
Michael A. Filoromo, III and Mark Maxin

ADA/Rehabilitation Act Case Update
Joel Kravetz and Christopher Kuczynski