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February 14-16 | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Donning and Doffing: Insights from Trial Practitioners

Allison Balus, Samantha N. Thomas and Michael J. Mueller

Who is Exempt Under Section 1 of the FAA?

Shelby Leighton, Dennis McClelland and Riva Parker

Power Point Presentation

Insights from the Office of the Solicitor of Labor

Hon. Seema Nanda and Gregory McGillivary

Recent Developments under the ADEA, EPA, SOX and Other DOL-Enforced Statutes

Sarah J. Arendt and Arielle Eisenberg

FLSA Hot Topics

Jennifer Brand,  Sara Faulman and  Maureen Salas

Ethical (and Unethical) Witness Preparation

Theo Cheng, David Gevertz and R. Nelson Williams

Updates and Insights on State Wage and Hour Issues

Melody Fowler-Green, Saveon D. Grenell and Timothy Williams

Bridging the Generation Gap in the Legal Profession: How Cultivating Inclusion Mobilizes Intergenerational Collaboration

Hon. Stephanie M. Jones

Family and Medical Leave Act Update: I’ll Take the FMLA for $1,000

Diana Nobile and Bridget Penick