March 19-23, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV

Midwinter Meeting Papers

You Can’t Change What You Can’t See: Key Lessons from the 2018 Report of on Racial and Gender Bias in the Legal Profession
Samantha C. Grant, Wendi S. Lazar, Jean Lee and Louis Lopez

Uncovering and Challenging Bias in Jury Selection and Deliberations
Maureen S. Binetti, Hon. J. Michelle Childs, William R. Clayton and Jill Huntley Taylor

Arbitration in an Epic World
T. Warren Jackson, Jeffrey A. James, Lucas J. Kaster, Anna M. Pohl and Jean Sternlight

Safely and Successfully Accommodating Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace
Sonya Richburg, Camille Monahan, Naomi N. Oglesby and Douglas L. Steele

Rolling Snake Eyes: Counseling Executives and Companies when the House Goes Bust
Donna M. Hughes, Jonathan Ben-Asher, Robert S. Gilmore and Joseph A. Kohanski, Jr.

From #MeToo to #WeToo: International Perspectives on the Movement Against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Workplace
Alyson Palmer, Janis Block, Justine B. Laurier, Javiera Medina Reza & Roselyn S. Sands

Here, There and Everywhere: A Globetrotting Update of Developments in Employment and Labor Law
Amy F. Shulman, Paul Callaghan, Myriam Delawari-de Gaudusson, Analia V. Duran and Jingbo (Jason) Lu

Lessons Learned from Title IX
Hon. Stephanie M. Jones, Lisa Karen Atkins, Jeff Brodin, Nina T. Pirrotti and Sheree C. Wright

Demystifying ERISA for Employment Lawyers
Audrey Browne, Joel R. Hurt, J. Timothy McDonald and Erin M. Sweeney

Identifying and Addressing Whistleblower Claims: Can You Hear the Whistle Blowing?
Melinda C. Burrows, Lloyd B. Chinn, Uche Egemonye and Jason Zuckerman

Balanced Approaches to Regulating Romance in the Workplace: Tainted Love?
Kimberly W. Geisler, Sandra Pullman, Kathleen O. Sedey and Bobby C. Simpson

Unauthorized Practice of Law in a Multijurisdictional World: Road Warriors Beware
Jeffrey Heller, Daniel Bonnett, Ruben J. Garcia and Sonya Richburg

Strategies and Tips for Helping Lawyers with Substance Abuse Problems
Cara E. Greene, John Husband and Benjamin Kremenak

Interrupting Bias in the Legal Profession: What Would You Do?
Michelle Craig, Navin Jani, Lucas Kaster and Ann C. McGinley

Non-Compete Enforcement Issues in Business Acquisitions 2019: What are Your Odds?
David J. Carr, Barbara A. Robb and Justin Suhr

Equal Pay Act and the #TimesUp Movement
Tamika D. Lynch, Kelly M. Dermody, Diane I. Smason and Eric A. Tate

Employer Use of Technology and Tracking Employees in the Workplace
Kelly Trindel, Adam S. Forman, Jason C. Marsili and Garry G. Mathiason

State Law Requirements for Ethical and Technical Standards Regarding ESI and Electronic Communications
Donald S. Barth, Hon. Yvette Roland, Eric W. Iskra, John P. Madden and Megan K. Mechak

Strategies for Counseling Clients in ICE Enforcement Actions
Jonathan G. Grode, Chelsea Edwards and Cathi J. Hunt

Contingent Workers: The Next Unionized Workforce?
Eric L. Barnum, Caryl L. Flannery, Linda M. Mohns and P. Casey Pitts

All or Nothing?: Recent Innovations in Non-NLRA Contingent Workers
P. Casey Pitts