March 17-19, 2021 | Virtual

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Race, Gender and Privilege: A Robust Discussion on Majority Privilege and its Impact on Our Profession
John Biewen, P. David Lopez, Joseph K. West and Kelly M. Dermody

Employment Rights and Responsibilities for Someone Else’s Employees: Unknotting the Tangled Relationships in an Ever-Evolving Workforce
Daniel L. Bonnett, Caryl Flannery, Jennifer L. Muse, Terrill A. Wilkins and M. Ana Hermosillo

LGBTQ+ Protections in the Workplace: Mission Accomplished or Just the Beginning?
Jeff Brodin, Donna M. Hughes, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, Omar Gonzalez-Pagan and Louis Lopez

Policing Professionalism: Applying Standards in Disciplinary Proceedings
Paula J. Frederick, Ellen J. Messing, Debra Moss Vollweiler and Melinda J. Caterine

Legal Issues Surrounding the Prevalence of Homeworkers
Thomas De Jongh, Myriam de Gaudusson, Michael Howcroft, Tamika D. Lynch and Mark D. Risk

Latest Developments in Whistleblower Law
Jonathan Ben-Asher, Stacey A. Campbell, George L. Washington, Jr. and Uche Egemonye

Key Employment Law Issues Arising Out of the Pandemic
Oshia Gainer Banks, Alyson Palmer, Kate Sedey, Angelique Vincent-Hamacher and Megan Mechak

Update from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Meet the EEOC Commissioners
Hon. Jocelyn Samuels, Hon. Keith E. Sonderling, Lori L. Deem and Samantha C. Grant

Untangling the Web of State and Local Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws
John Madden, Sandra Pullman, Amy Shulman, Bobby Simpson and Devjani Mishra

Employee Privacy Issues in the Use of COVID-19 Safety Technology at Work
Kristin M. Case, Nicole H. Decter, Cathi J. Hunt and Jeffrey A. Dretler

Changing Landscape of Title VII
Hon. Bernice B. Donald, Jo Linda Johnson, Lucas Kaster, Sonya Richburg, Melissa S. Woods and Monique Gougisha Doucette

The Future Direction of U.S. Immigration Law and Policy
Rose Carey, Jonathan A. Grode, Sean G. Hanagan and Mary C. Yanik

Emerging Ethics Issues in Our Changing Times
Hon. Yvette D. Roland, Paula J. Frederick, Sheree C. Wright and Ellyn Rosen