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March 12-15 | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Does it Compute? How to Navigate the Ethical and Professional Dilemmas in the Use of  Current and Emerging Technologies (ETHICS)

Paula J. Frederick, Shira Z. Gelfand, Megan K. Mechak and Lindsey White

An Update on Biometric Information in the Workplace

Katy Dunn, Aaron Lawson and Bridget Roddy

International Pay Transparency

Thomas De Jongh, Myriame Delawari de Gaudusson, Inka Knappertsbusch,and Wonu Sanda

Privacy SOS: Charting a Course through AI’s Impact on Employment

Hon. Seema Nanda, Will Bensussen,, Nina T. Pirrotti,,Diane I. Smason and Robert T. Szyba

Investigations in a Remote Work Environment: How Much Can (and Should) Employers Watch

Christina Dixon, Denise Drake, Pamela Newport, Helene Obrien and Kyle Simmons

Using Artificial Intelligence Intelligently: AI and Legal Ethics (ETHICS)

Hon. Camille Monahan, Toni Michelle Jackson, Rachel See and  Danielle Van Lier

Whistle While You Work: A Review of Federal and State Laws Restricting Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement Policies and Contract Provisions

Barbara Dunlap, Sean R. Gallagher, Brenna Schertz, Melissa S. Woods and Jason Zuckerman.



What Comes After the Verdict? How to Identify and Address Post-Trial Issues

Eric L. Barnum, Hon. John Alvin Henderson, Lucas Kaster, Justin Mulaire, and Patrick J. Walsh

Weed and the Workplace: Evolving Legal Protection of Employee Cannabis Use

Cara E. Greene, Tamika Lynch, Sandra Pullman and Michael Rosen

Pay Transparency: Navigating the Road to Legal Compliance and Fair Pay

Nakkisa Akhavan, Samantha C. Grant, Christopher Houk and Cathi Hunt

Multi-Jurisdictional Issues in Noncompete Enforcement

Hon. Seema Nanda, Joseph Y. Ahmad, Christina Bost Seaton and Laura McKenzie Holt

Whose Pay Is It Anyway? Clawbacks in Executive Compensation

Robert S. Gilmore, Jaime L. Sanabria-Montañez, George L. Washington, Jr. and Amy Shulman

Implications of Investment Policy Statements on Employee Benefits

Timothy Eicher, Russell Hirschhorn, Joel R. Hurt and Erin M. Sweeney

Employment at Will Today: When the Exceptions Swallow the Rule

David Calzone, Amy Epstein Gluck, Laura Noble and Bobby Simpson

Resolving Employment Disputes by Utilizing Civil Collaborative Law Principles

Ty Hyderally, Emily Litzinger, Jason Marsili and Zhanna Meggison

Discovery Strategies in Class and Collective Actions Before and After Certification of Putative Class

Hon. John A. Henderson, Reena Desai and Stephen Fox

Strategies for Addressing Negative Consequences of Remote Work

Angel J. Sierra Aleman, Ph.D., Asha S. Ault, Adam Breihan, Caryl Flannery and Kendra Simmons



Lessons from the Front: How New York City Passed the World’s First AI Auditing Regulation and How the World is Following Suit

Ian R. Connett, Victoria A. Lipnic, Frida Polli, Ph.D., Evan Silagi

The Evolution of Identity in DEI and the Ensuing “Anti-Woke” Backlash: Implications for Employers in the Current Political and Social Media Environment

Nicole Groves Bridgeforth, José Dávila-Cabellero, Nonnie Shivers Douglas L. Steele and Terrill A. Wilkins

The Gig Economy in Healthcare

Elizabeth Arnold, John Durkalski and Megan U’Sellis

Using Technology/Apps for Compliance with Wage Theft Laws in the Construction Industry

Matthew Handley, Shelby Skeabeck and Jeoff Williams

Deepfakes and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Elizabeth Brown, Gail Eisenberg, Kristin Case and Danielle Van Lier