2015 Meeting Papers

Presentations given at the 2015 Midwinter Meeting of the Employment Rights & Responsibilities Committee of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law. Papers or Powerpoints will open into separate windows.

Nuts and Bolts of Handling Complaints Before the EEOC, NLRB and DOL | Support Documents

Jennifer Y. Brazeal, Darren Cohen, Thomas F. Hurka, Jennifer Kroll, Jennifer B. Salvatore and Diane I. Smason

Iqbal, Shmiqbal: Have the “New” Pleading Standards Really Made a Difference in Employment Litigation?

Stephen E. Fox, Ty Hyderally, Julie A. Totten, Katherine Kelly Valent and Jennifer Vorih

Between the Possible and the Plausible: Employment Litigation in the Wake of Twombly and Iqbal

Julie A. Totten and Michael Disotell

ABA Working Group on Unaccompanied Minors

Unraveling the Gordian Knot of Implicit Bias in Jury Selection: The Problems of Judge-Dominated Voir Dire, the Failed Promise of Batson, and Proposed Solutions

Hon. Mark W. Bennett

Implicit Bias in the Courtroom

Jerry Kang, Judge Mark Bennett, Devon Carbado, Pam Casey, Nilanjana Dasgupta, David Faigman, Rachel Godsil, Anthony G. Greenwald, Justin Levinson and Jennifer Mnookin

Keeping It Real: A Conversation about the Relevance of Race in Litigation

Jill Huntley Taylor, Ph.D. and Sarah Trescher

Negotiating Employment Agreements

Vanessa M. Kelly

Going Beyond Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants: Intellectual Property Protections in Employment Agreements

Deirdre A. Fox

Basic Tips for Negotiating Executive Employment Agreements

Amber Trzinski Fox

Union Executive and Entertainment Employment Contracts

William Bensussen

Basic Employment Law Issues in Central & South America

Katherine Blostein

Brazilian Labor and Employment Laws – General Overview

Carolina Tavares Rodrigues

Venezuelan Employment Benefits

Juan Carlos Pró-Risquez

Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements: History, Recent Decisions and Trends

Jennifer Fox Swain and Brian L. Mosby

Dodging the Iceberg: Spotting Employee Misclassification Issues and Avoiding Them Before Disaster Strikes

A Survey of Significant and Recent Misclassification Cases

Yesenia Capalbo, Jason C. Marsili and Richard W. Warren

Handling Suspected Workplace Theft: How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls from a Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyer’s Perspective

Nina T. Pirrotti

Survey of State Laws Regarding Employer Liability for Employee Claims of Defamation by the Employer

Donald S. Barth

Survey of State Laws Regarding Employer Monitoring of Employees, Employee E-Mail and Social Media Privacy in the Workplace

Donald S. Barth

“Taking It to the States”: A Look at Budding Issues from State Laws Legalizing Marijuana

John M. Husband

Budding Issue: Do the State Laws Legalizing Medical Marijuana Provide Job Protection?

Tiffanie Benfer

The “Legalization” of Marijuana and Its Effect on Arbitration Decisions in a Unionized Workforce

Jon Howard Rosen

To Catch A Thief: Prosecuting, Defending and Insuring Claims for Cyber Espionage

Angela R. Elbert, Sean R. Gallagher, Richard W. Mather, Cynthia N. Sass and Adam Sharp

An Employment Law Primer: How to Conduct Internal Workplace Investigations

Susan Hartmus Hiser

“Unfriending”: Employment Decisions in the Age of Social Media and Cellphones

Doug Kertscher and Travis Cashbaugh

A TRO Non-Compete Primer for the 21st Century

Covenants Not to Compete and Trade Secrets Subcommittee

Hot Topics in Wage and Hour Law & ERISA

Richard L. Alfred, Ellen Doyle, J. Timothy McDonald and R. Scott Oswald

Integrity Staffing and Sandifer: The Supreme Court Addresses Compensable Time

Richard L. Alfred and Jessica Schauer Lieberman

The ACA’s “Cadillac Tax” On High-Value Health Plans

Ruairi McDonnell

The Revelations of Genesis: Rule 68 Offers of Judgment in Wage & Hour Collective Litigation

R. Scott Oswald

2015 Report of the Workplace Investigations Subcommittee

Medical Testing & Mental Impairments Under the ADA: Employee Rights and Protections

John F. Beasley, Jr.

The ADAAA and Mental and Emotional Disorders in the Employment Context

David M. Smith and Tiffany P. Rainbolt

Employees with Mental Health Impairments

Job Accommodation Network

Ethical Restrictions on Direct Solicitation of Clients Whether by Social Media or Other Modes of Communication

George L. Washington, Jr.

Linking In, Grouping On and Chatting Up as Cyberspace Client Development for Attorneys in Multiple Jurisdictions

Michael Z. Green

What’s Blowing in the Wind: State and Federal Developments in Whistleblower Law

Lloyd B. Chinn, Megan E. Guenther, Jeffrey S. Heller and Robin B. Potter

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Unusual Employment Situations and the Legal Issues They Raise

Gail Holtzman, Sundeep Hora, Wendy L. Kahn, and Cyndi Nance