July 03, 2013

2011 Meeting Papers


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Tips for Solos, Small Firms, and Employee Side Attorneys
Virginia L. Hardwick

Want to Grow Your Practice? From the Rain Forest to Rain Making!
Gail Golman Holtzman

Management Counsel Checklist for Assessing Viability of a Proposed Termination
Steve Hymowitz

Discipline and Discharge of Union-Represented Employees: A Labor Union Counsel’s Perspective
Robert B. Stulberg

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Selected Materials
Compiled by Anna M. Pohl

Twenty Questions for Newly-Terminated Clients – What to Ask in the Initial Consult
Jennifer B. Salvatore

Overview of Federal and State Whistleblower/Retaliation Statutory and Common Laws
Ronald L. Wisniewski

Survey of Recent Cases under the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Jointly Presented by the Complex Litigation and Statutory Rights Subcommittees

Summary of State Immigration Laws Affecting Employment and Public Benefits
Report of the State Law Developments Subcommittee

I-9 Compliance & Related Social Security Issues
Littler Mendelson, P.C.

Employment Eligibility and Verification Requirements
Littler Mendelson, P.C.

Representative Reported Labor Arbitration Decisions Addressing Workplace Privacy Issues
Brian D. Hall

Social Media and Other “High Tech” Workplace Privacy Issues In a Unionized Setting
Brian D. Hall

Americans with Disabilities Act Update
Report of the Health, Disability and Leave of Absence Subcommittee

With Friends Like These : Clients, Witnesses and the Social Media
Mark Risk

Can I Be Your Friend? Social Networks/Media and the Practice of Law
Toni Michelle Jackson

Social Media Policies
John K. Rubiner

Social Media Discovery
Cecil A. Lynn

Blacklisting: 2011
Presented by the Covenants Not to Compete and Trade Secrets Subcommittee

Before ENDA: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protections in the Workplace Under Federal Law
Edward J. Reeves and Lainie D. Decker

A World without ENDA: How Plaintiffs Seek Relief for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Claims without the Protections of Federal Law
Eric A. Tate and Colette M. LeBon

Downsizing: Consequences under Federal Law of Laying Off or Furloughing Employees
Frank Van Dusen

Employee Rights Considerations from Job Application to Job Termination
Scott M. Pollins

The State of Employment Arbitration: An Employer’s Perspective
Kimberly W. Geisler and Josh S. Thompson

Legal Negotiation Process and Techniques
Charles B. Craver

Beyond the Bar: Effective Legal Negotiation Toolkit
Charles B. Craver

Employment Litigation in Canada
Thomas A. Roper, Q.C. and Jennifer R. Devins

Rough Surf or Smooth Sailing? Forum Selection Strategies and Comparisons in International Employment Law
Patrick Thiébart

German System of Labor Courts
Dr. Gerlind Wisskirchen

Take the Money and Run: Strategies and Issues in Executive Departures under Employment Contracts
Michael L. Rosen

Negotiating Executive Employment Contracts to Anticipate Disputes
Jonathan Ben-Asher

Sample Executive Employment Agreement Clauses: Terminations for Cause, Terminations Due to Disability And Resignations for Good Reason
Amy F. Shulman

The Supreme Court’s Commerce Clause Jurisprudence: Sex, Guns and the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
Ellen M. Doyle

Going Gale Wind GaGa Over Benefits! The New Health Care Legislation: What Employers, Unions & Employees and Their Lawyers Need to Know
Erin M. Sweeney

ERISA Supreme Court Rulings in Conkright and Hardt – What’s Next?
J. Timothy McDonald

Trade Winds of Change: The Perils and Profits Associated with Contingent Workers
Joseph Y. Ahmad, Michael P. Royal, John Stember and Julie A. Totten

Current Issues with Independent Contractors and Joint Employment
Julie A. Totten

2011 Report of the Workplace Investigations Subcommittee

Brief in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion In Limine to Bar Testimony by Plaintiff’s Workplace Investigations Expert
Christopher P. Lenzo

Defendant’s Motion In Limine to Exclude Testimony by Plaintiff’s Expert Michael A. Robbins
Mark P. Grajski

Psychiatric Opinions in Employment Stress Claims
Albert M. Drukteinis, MD, JD

Finding Buried Workplace Treasure – Then Using It at Trial

Evolving Hypothetical for “Analyzing Emotional Distress Claims” Program
Paul E. Starkman

A Plaintiffs’ Attorney’s Guide to Maximizing Emotional Distress Damages
Kristin M. Case

Availability of Rule 35 Exams Where Plaintiff Claims “Garden Variety” Emotional Distress
Melinda J. Caterine and Sarah Mullen

New Reporting Requirements May Impact the Settlement of Employment-Related Claims
Melinda J. Caterine

Ethical Considerations and the Employer’s Response to the New Wave of Whistleblower Litigation
David D. Powell, Jr.

The Whistleblower Litigant’s Dilemma: Making Sure Not to Cross Ethical Lines in the Name of Advocacy
Jason M. Zuckerman