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2011 Meeting Papers

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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: What Every Lawyer Should Know About the Ethical Risks of Changing Firms and How to Address Them
Dana Underhill

Recruiting Talent without Liability: Avoiding Conflicts and Disqualification in Lateral Hiring
Melissa E. Pierre- Louis

Who Is the Client? The Ethical Obligations of Union Lawyers in Situations Where the Union and Its Individual Members May Have Separate Interests
Nora Macey and Melissa Woods

Privileges in EEOC Litigation
P. David Lopez

EEOC v Scrub, Inc.

Using Social Networks for Employment Investigations and its Ethical Traps
Michael Z. Green

Ethical Issues in Cyberspace: Using Social Networking Sites without Getting Disbarred
Michelle Craig

Social Networking: To Tweet or Not to Tweet
Michelle Craig

Avoiding and Dealing with Unethical Communications with Putative Class Members in Systemic Cases
Christopher Lage

How to Professionally and Ethically Deal with Rambo like Tactics in Discovery
Elizabeth Kristen

Professionalism in Practice: the Georgia Experience
Paula Frederick

Professionalism in the Practice and Candor to the Court: The Ethical Restraints and Considerations
Nancy Cohen

Navigating Through Ethical Whirlpools when Making Public Disclosures Regarding Your Employment Case
Evangelina Fierro Hernandez

Trial Publicity Issues for Labor and Employment Law Attorneys
Carolyn Witherspoon

Ethical Considerations when Jurisprudence Is Dominated by the Lawyer Not the Judge
Chai Feldblum

Excerpts from the ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct