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March 19-22 | Boston, Massachusetts

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Affirmative Action and DEI: Where Do We Stand After SFFA v. Harvard

Hon. Jocelyn Samuels, Michelle Crockett, Nelsy Gomez Lipford, Rebecca Yee and Jessica Moldovan

Suds and Substance: Performance Evaluations: Pass or Play                    

Amit Bindra, Joydeep Hor, Brett Rawitz, Michael Schmidt and Teri Guttman Valdes

Government Agency Update

Hon. Jennifer A. Abruzzo, Hon. Charlotte A. Burrows, Hon. Kristen Clarke, Hon. Seema Nanda, Michele Hodge, Eric Dreiband and Jennifer L. Liu

Mitigating Against the Risks of AI in the Workplace (ETHICS)

PowerPoint Presentation

Hon. Seema Nanda, Rubén Agote Eguizabal, Adam Klein, Victoria A. Lipnic , Eric D. Reicin and Rachel V. See

Whistleblower Protections in light of Murray v. UBS Securities, LLC

PowerPoint Presentation

Lisa S. Burton, Megan Guenther and Matthew LaGarde

Mediation and Settlement Considerations: Peeking Inside the Other Side’s Tent

PowerPoint Presentation

Hillary Benham-Baker, Barbara J. D’Aquila, Jason Marsili, Joy Noonan, and Allison Romantz

Terms and Conditions May Apply: Potential Expansion of the Current Understanding of “Adverse Action” in Employment Law

Hon. Charlotte A. Burrows, Shafeeqa W. Giarratani, Tobias Spruill and Carolyn Wheeler

Immigration Law for the EEO Practitioner

Bill O. Hing, Barbara Leen, Ingrid Nava, Todd P. Photopuos and Alberto Ruisanchez,

Does Size Matter? Weighing the Realities of Size Discrimination

Shanda Botts, Naomi Frisch, Tigress Osborn, Roselyn Sands and Anne-Marie V. Welch

To Surveil or Not to Surveil: Navigating Issues Regarding Employee Surveillance and Privacy

PowerPoint Presentation

 Navruz Avloni, Michael Canaras, Angie Courtwright, Nicole Horberg Decter and Peter Sung Ohr

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Luncheon: Pay Equity: Are We There Yet?

Erin Connell, Kelly M. Dermody, Hon. Stephanie M. Jones and Marisa Sternstein


Are We Past the Point of No Return? EEO Practitioners Discuss the Legal Implications of Remote Work

Karla M. Campbell, Inka Knappertsbusch, Kim Tran and Cody Yorke

Autonomy or Exploitation: A Practitioners’ Guide to Worker Classification

Danny J. Kaufer, Gillian Murphy, Rebecca Peterson-Fisher and Melissa S. Woods

Class Action Roundup: Big Settlements, Big Cert Denials and Big Cases in 2022-2023

Felicia Davis, James Finberg and Jeffrey E. Goodman

Navigating the National Labor Relations Board’s Evolving Legal Landscape for Unionized and Non-Unionized Workplaces

Hon. Jennifer A. Abruzzo, Jun Xia Lim and John F. Ring

Battles Over Privilege and the Impact of Increased Transparency

Claudia Desjardins Bélisle, Esther G. Lander, Michelle Lee, Amy Pannoni and Emily Chalkley

EEO Case Law Update

J. Randall Coffey, Louis Lopez and Michael C. Subit

LGBTQ+ Rights Under Attack: Assessing the Effects of the Supreme Court’s Decision in 303 Creative

Melissa Day, Paula Greisen, Jonathan C. Hancock, Ryan Leach, and Casey Pick