National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law

National Conference Papers

April 3-6, 2019 | Coral Gables, FL

Gender Equality In Today’s #MeToo World

Government Plenary

Resetting Corporate Culture

OFCCP At the Crossroads (Again)

Advanced Arbitration in a Post-Epic World

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Management, Technology, and Employment Law

Age Discrimination – It Never Gets Old

Motions in Limine: A Trial Practice Demonstration

EEO Year In Review: The Top Cases of 2018-2019

Pay Equity Here and Abroad

The Immigrant  Workforce Under Trump: Changes Impacting Foreign Workers and Those Who Employ Them

Precarious Workers: Will the U.S. Follow Europe’s Lead?

Advanced EEO Class Actions and Pattern or Practice Claims

Employment Trainings: What Works, What Doesn’t, And At What Risk?

Advanced Accommodations in the Modern Workplace

The Unraveling of the Regulatory State

Front Page News: Ethical Challenges of High Profile Cases

Employer Caucus