February 5-8, 2020 | Rancho Mirage, CA

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Top Ten Employee Benefits Topics of 2019
Damarr Butler, Lindsey Chopin, Rachel Coen, Colin Downes, Ian Eliasoph, Nate Goldstein, Celeste Moran, Stephanie Plantenkamp, William Reynolds and Amanda Sonnenborn

ERISA at the U.S. Supreme Court
Penny Clark, Radha Pathak, Myron D. Rumeld, Thomas Tso, Robert Alexander, Elizabeth Hopkins and Howard Shapiro

Multiemployer Pension Plans: Selected Topics
Neelam Chandna, Adam Garner, Louisa Soulard and Patrick Spangler

Defined Contribution Investment Litigation Update
Marjorie Butler, Erin Riley, Robert W. Rachal and Laure van Heijenoort

Current Trends in Disability Benefit, Life Insurance Plan and AD&D Litigation
Mark DeBofsky, Kimberly A. Jones and Matthew Leppert

Diversity and Inclusion Program: Just Belonging: #ChooseCourage
Kori S. Carew

To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate?
Jennie Arnold, James Bloom and Stacey Cerrone

Employee Benefits Security Administration Priorities and Initiatives
Preston Rutledge

Ethics in Employee Benefit Practices
Tybe Brett, J.S. “Chris” Christie, Jr. and Simon Torres

Fact or Fiction: Challenges to Mortality Assumptions in Calculating Alternative Forms of Benefits
David M. Fusco, Robert Newman and Greg Porter

Service Provider Contracts, Fees and Cross Plan Offsetting
Natalie Kossak, Ivelisse Berio LeBeau, Susanna Benson and Lisa Serebin

Welfare Plan New Regulation Compliance Workshop
Denise M. Clark, Benjamin J. Conley, Megan Hansen and Tzvi Mackson

Government Investigations and Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
Sharon Goodman, Al Holifield and Dane Steffenson

Challenges to Retirement Security in the 21st Century
R. Joseph Barton, John Harney, Bruce Perlin and Aliya Robinson

Health and Welfare Plan Litigation and Compliance
Lisa Gomez, Caroline Reynolds, Erin M. Sweeney and Tiffany Woo

Employee Benefits Law

Chapter Reports

Chapter 4: Reporting and Disclosure

Chapter 5: Benefit Plan Design, Qualification and Administration

Chapter 6: Regulation of Specialized Plans

Chapter 7: Welfare Plans: Technical and Statutory

Chapter 8: Regulation of Employee Health Care Benefit Plans

Chapter 9: Corporate Plan Termination

Chapter 10: Fiduciary Responsibility

Chapter 11: ERISA Preemption & Effects on Other Laws

Chapter 12: Civil Procedure

Chapter 13: Benefit Claims and Individual Rights

Chapter 14: Welfare Plans: Benefit Claims

Chapter 15: Employment Discrimination and Employee Benefits

Chapter 16: Issues Unique to Jointly-Administered Plans

Chapter 17: Multi-Employer Withdrawal Liability

Chapter 18: Collective Bargaining and Employee Benefits

Chapter 19: Criminal Law

Chapter 20: Ethics