February 4-5, 2021 | Virtual

Midwinter Meeting Papers

ERISA at the U.S. Supreme Court, Part I
Neelam Chandna, Denise M. Clark and Sam Schwartz-Fenwick

ERISA at the U.S. Supreme Court, Part II
Tulio D. Chirinos, Penny Clark and Radha Pathak

Government Investigations and Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
Russell Hirschhorn and Mayoung Nham

Ethics Issues and Concerns in a Pandemic
Natalia Bautista, J. Matthew Calloway, Rachel Morowitz and Simon Torres

Retaining Diverse Talent
Miguel Eaton, Angel Garrett, Rachel Morowitz and Alexia M. Noble

Pension Regulatory Overview
Angel Garrett, Stephanie Platenkamp and Kendra Roberson

Healthcare Regulatory Update
Tzvi N. Mackson, Grace H. Ristuccia and Tiffany N. Santos

Employee Benefit Plan Investment Litigation
Joseph Barton, Stacey Cerrone and Ginger LaChapelle

Current Trends in ERISA Disability Benefits Claim Litigation
Ada Dolph and Jonathan M. Feigenbaum

Bankruptcy, Withdrawal Liability Interest Rate and the Outlook for Multiemployer Pension Plans
Linda Baldwin Jones, Deva Kyle, Gregory Ossi and Richard M. Seltzer

ERISA Civil Procedure Update
Jennie Arnold, Robert Rachal and Kristen Gibney Scott

Chapter Reports

Chapter 4: Reporting and Disclosure

Chapter 5: Benefit Plan Design, Qualification and Administration

Chapter 6: Regulation of Specialized Plans

Chapter 7: Welfare Plans: Technical and Statutory

Chapter 8: Regulation of Employee Health Care Benefit Plans

Chapter 9: Corporate Plan Termination

Chapter 10: Fiduciary Responsibility

Chapter 11: ERISA Preemption & Effects on Other Laws

Chapter 12: Civil Procedure

Chapter 13: Benefit Claims and Individual Rights

Chapter 14: Welfare Plans: Benefit Claims

Chapter 15: Employment Discrimination and Employee Benefits

Chapter 16: Issues Unique to Jointly-Administered Plans

Chapter 17: Multiemployer Plan Withdrawal Liability

Chapter 18: Collective Bargaining and Employee Benefits

Chapter 19: Criminal Law

Chapter 20: Ethics