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2019 Meeting Papers

Top Ten Employee Benefits Topics of 2018
Kimberly Bradley, Tulio Chirinos, Joseph Clark, Michael Daum, James Hlawek, Sarah Kanter, Sean McMahan, Mayoung “May” Nham, Gretchen Obrist & Simon Torres

Arbitration: What’s Different about ERISA?
Judith Broach, Ian H. Morrison & Erin Riley

Multiemployer Plans: Current Pension Plan Issues: Legislation and Agency Guidance (PPT)
Laureve D. Blackstone, Anthony S. Cacace & Bruce Perlin

Civil Procedure/General Lititation Update
Jennie Arnold, R. Joseph Barton, Stacey Cerrone & Robert M. Lewis Jr.

Will the States Step into the Benefits Void?
Karen Handorf, R. Bradford Huss, Andrew C. Liazos & Aliya Wong Robinson

Inclusion Luncheon Materials:

Bias-Related Tendencies
A. Faith English

Inclusion Initiatives for Lawyers
A. Faith English

What ERISA Practitioner Need to Know about Accounting for Plans (PPT)
Dave P. Dorsey, CPA, Al Holifield, Dinah Leventhal & Michelle C. Yau

Ethics for Employee Benefits Lawyers (PPT)
Tybe A. Brett, J.S. “Chris” Christie & Aditi Kumar

Ethics: Survey of Legal Privilege Issues Arising in Employee Benefit Matters
Tybe A. Brett

Ethics: Engagement Letters for Employee Benefits Attorneys
J.S. “Chris” Christie

Ethics: Maintaining the Integrity of the Legal Profession: Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias
Aditi Kumar

Sharing Plan Expenses with Sponsors/Parties in Interest/Related and Appropriate Uses for Plan Assets
James Craig, Ivelisse Berio LeBeau & Sara Pikofsky

Fiduciary Litigation Update
Marjorie Butler, Nathan Goldstein, Radha Pathak & Robert Rachal

Benefit Claims: Alternatives to Litigation (PPT)
Neelam Chandna, Kimberly A. Jones, Martina Sherman & Jodi K. Swick

Fiduciary Duty Issues with Alternative Investments and Outsourcing (PPT)
Sharon Goodman, Andrew Irving & Robert M. Projansky

Mock Hearing on Motion to Dismiss
Marie Casciari, Miguel Eaton, Joanne Roskey, Denise M. Clark & Benjamin Eisner

Health Care Update: The Affordable Care Act . . . It’s Still Here! (PPT)
Sage Fattahian, Todd Jackson & Rhona S. Lyons 

Health Care Update
Sage Fattahian, Rhona S. Lyons & Catha Worthman

S.3592: To Prohibit Surprise Medical Billing of Patients

Association Health Plans Legal Update & Analysis (PPT)
Tess Ferrera, Michael Kolber & Genevieve Casey

D.C. Plan Fee and Investment Litigation
Robert Alexander, Gregory Y. Porter, Sam Schwartz-Fenwick & Thomas Tso

Benefit Claims (PPT)
Ada W. Dolph, Lisa M. Gomez & Cassie Springer-Ayeni

Employee Benefits Law Chapter Reports

Chapter 4: Reporting and Disclosure

Chapter 5: Benefit Plan Design, Qualification and Administration

Chapter 6: Regulation of Specialized Plans

Chapter 7: Welfare Plans: Technical and Statutory

Chapter 8: Regulation of Employee Health Care Benefit Plans

Chapter 9: Corporate Plan Termination

Chapter 10: Fiduciary Responsibility

Chapter 11: ERISA Preemption & Effects on Other Laws

Chapter 12: Civil Procedure

Chapter 13: Benefit Claims and Individual Rights

Chapter 14: Welfare Plans: Benefit Claims

Chapter 15: Employment Discrimination and Employee Benefits

Chapter 16: Issues Unique to Jointly-Administered Plans

Chapter 17: Multi-Employer Withdrawal Liability

Chapter 18: Collective Bargaining and Employee Benefits

Chapter 19: Criminal Law

Chapter 20: Ethics