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2015 Meeting Papers

Use the tabs to the left to switch between Chapter and Papers. These materials were presented at the 2015 Employee Benefits Committee Midwinter Meeting. 

The links open a separate window to a PDF document.


ACA Litigation and Other Health Benefits Issues

Neelam Chandna, Thomas Hancuch & Catha Worthman

Benefit Claims Update

Kimberly L. Bradley, Deidre Grossman, Martina Sherman & Cassie Springer Ayeni

HIPAA and HITECH: Life After the Final Rule

Marcelle J. Henry & Al Holifield

Pension Funding Issues in Light of PPA Scheduled Sunset

Multiempoyer Pension Reform Act of 2014

Pension Overpayments and Underpayments

Denise M. Clark, Brian J. Dougherty & Joyce A. Mader

ACA Potpourri: Excise Tax on High-Cost Health Plans

Joanne L. Hustead & Kathryn Bakich

Auditing and Tax Issues for Employee Beneftis Plans

Michael Auerbach, Robert J. Bach, Tolsun N. Waddle 7 Michelle P. Thomas

Multiemployer Plans Potpourri

Dinah Leventhal, Joseph L. Paller, Jr., Bruce Perlin & Patrick W. Spangler

Dealing with PBGC Liabilities: Early Warning Program Negotiations, Downsizing Liability Cases and More

Harold J. Ashner & David M. Fusco

Employer Stock: Can the Courts Make It Any More Interesting?

R. Joseph Barton, H. Douglas Hinson, Russell L. Hirschhorn & Elizabeth Hopkins

The Gathering Storm: How Should Plan Fiduciaries Address Health Care Provider Overbilling?

D. Ward Kallstrom, Jeffrey G. Stein & Karen L. Handorf

Post-Windsor: Shoes Are Dropping All Over the Place

Robert M. Lewis, Jr., Sharon Goodman, Margo Hasselman & Sam Schwartz-Fenwick

Post-Windsor Employee Benefits Issues Affecting Employees in Same-Sex Marriages, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

Teresa S. Renaker, Julie Wilensky & Nina Wasow

First Annual Report of the Participant and Plan Sponsor Advocate

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Ethics Update (Powerpoint)

Marjorie Butler, J. S. "Chris" Christie, Benjamin Eisner, Stephen P. Lucke, and Julie Wilensky

The Future of Municipal Pensions

Sarah Heck Griffin, William M. Kinney, Jay Sushelsky

Government Agency Investigations

Timothy R. Bauman, Tess J. Ferrera, Nicole Hagan, and Miguel Paredes

Remedies in Light of Amara

Elizabeth Hopkins, Ivelisse Berio LeBeau, Ian H. Morrison, and Radha Pathak

Benefit and Fiduciary Claims: The Impact of Procedural Issues on Drafting Litigation and Plan Documents

Nicole A. Eichberger, Suzanne Metzger, Michelle Roberts


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