2009 Meeting Papers

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Section 409A Discussion Materials

The Standard and Scope of Review: What’s next after Met Life v. Glenn

ERISA Plan Fee Disclosures Reporting and Disclosure: Chapter 4

Retirement Plan Design, Qualification and Administration: Chapter 5

Regulation of Specialized Types of Retirement Income Plans: Chapter 6

Welfare Plans: Technical & Statutory: Chapters 7 & 8

Corporate Plan Terminations and Benefit Insurance: Chapter 9

Fiduciary Responsibility: Chapter 10

ERISA Preemption and Effects on Other Laws: Chapter 11

Civil Practice and Procedure: Chapter 12

Benefit Claims and Individual Rights: Chapter 13

Welfare Plans: Benefit Claims: Chapter 14

Employment Discrimination and Employee Benefits: Chapter 15

Jointly Administered Plans: Chapter 16

Multi-Employer Plans/ Withdrawal Liability: Chapter 17

Collective Bargaining and Employee Benefits: Chapter 18

Criminal Law: Chapter 19

Ethics: Chapter 20