March 1-3, 2021 | Virtual

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Scream: The New Standard for Outbursts in the Course of Otherwise Protected Concerted Activity
James W. Bucking and Mark Gaston Pearce

Deathtrap: Workplace Safety and Protected Concerted Activity in a Pandemic
Kyle T. Abraham and Amanda Jaret

Contagion: Representation Elections During COVID-19
Jazmyn J. Stover and Jacob J. White

Get Out: Eliminating Bias, Discrimination and Harassment in the Practice of Labor Law
Genaira L. Tyce and Melissa S. Woods

Frankenstein: Creation and Responsibility: A New Era of NLRB Rule Making
Adam Bellotti and Crystal S. Carey

Enforcement Litigation Review
Ruth E. Burdick and Meredith Jason

“C” Case Review
Richard A. Bock

The Vanishing: NLRB Decisions and Rules Restricting Jurisdiction
Neil Goldsmith and Angela Thompson

A Quiet Place: No Solicitation
Erin N. Bass and Sara J. Geenen

Update from the Office of the General Counsel: 2020 Enforcement Developments and 2021 Planned Initiatives
Peter Sung Ohr, Susan Davis and Tanja L. Thompson

“R” Case Review: Discussion of Recent Issues Arising in Bargaining Unit Elections under Section 9 of the Act
Terence G. Schoone-Jongen, Bryan T. Arnault and Joanne R. Bush

A Conversation with the National Labor Relations Board
Hon. Lauren McFerran, Hon. John F. Ring, Hon. Marvin E. Kaplan and Hon. William J. Emanuel