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April 02, 2021

2016 Meeting Papers

Materials presented at the 2016 Midwinter Meeting of the ABA Committee on Development of the Law Under the NLRA. Links open in separate windows as Adobe Acrobat(TM) documents.

Portfolio of all materials (PDF, 3.5MB)


I Hear the Secrets That You Keep, Because the Board Requires You to Tell: The Practical and Ethical Problems for Employers Who Want to Conduct Privileged Investigations and Unions Who Contend Confidentiality Instructions Violate the NLRA

Jae W. Chun

Practical and Ethical Problems Facing Employers Who Want To Conduct Privileged Investigations

Katherine G. Cisneros

I Wanna [Dance] Take a Drub Test with Somebody: Manhattan Beer & E.I. DuPont: Haw Far Do Weingarten Rights Extend?

Kyllan B. Kershaw

E.I. DuPont and Manhattan Beer: How Far Do Weingarten Rights Extend? A Union Perspective

Kate Swearengen

Babcocked: Exploring the Space between a "Clearly Repugnant" Award and an Award That Is "Reasonally Permitted" by the Act

Richard Siwica

The NLRB’s Babcock & Wilcox Decision and the Frustration of National Labor Policy

Stuart R. Buttrick and Gregory P. Abrams

Miller & Anderson: Will the Board Overrule Oakwood Care Center and Permit Temporary Employees to be Included in a Unit of Permanent Employees?)

Samantha Dulaney, Adrian Healy and Omer Khwaja

GVS Properties, LLC and International Association of Machinists and  Aerospace Workers, AFL–CIO, District Lodge 15, Local Lodge 447. Case

Stephanie Padilla

Should I Stay or Should I Go? GVS Properties: Who Is a Perfectly Clear Successor?

Michael Parente

Can the Burns Successorship Doctrine Survive the GVS Properties Decision?

Terrance B. McGann

Significant ULP Cases in 2015

Barry J. Kearney

The Gig Economy & The Board’s FedEx Home Delivery Independent Contractor Test

Harry I. Johnson III and Donna M. Ballman

Selected Court Decisions and Related NLRA Issues | Powerpoint

John H. Ferguson

A Review of Developments in NLRB: Representation Case Law during 2015

John E. Higgins, Jr. and Terence G. Schoone-Jongen

Effective Advocacy in Federal Sector Fora: Direct and Cross Examinations

Gary Gilbert