February 12, 2020 Archive

2015 Meeting Papers

Materials presented at the 2015 Midwinter Meeting of the ABA Committee on Development of the Law Under the NLRA

The Practical and Ethical Problems for Unions and Employers Confronting Alternative Forms of Representation: Work Councils, Members-Only Bargaining and Beyond
Steven Swirsky and Nicole Cuda Perez

Ethical and Practical Considerations for Developing and Implementing Non-Traditional Labor Relations Models
Steven M. Swirsky & D. Martin Stanberry

A History of the NLRB’s “Primarily Students” Doctrine: What Does It Mean for the Northwestern Football Players’ Petition?
Kristin L. Martin

Northwestern University: Are Scholarship Student Athletes More than Just Students? A Management Perspective
David Durham

Purple Communications: Questions Presented by the Board’s Approval of Employees’ Use of Employer Email for Protected Activities
J. Bruce Cross and Michael A. Murphy

Jimmy John’s, Plaza Auto & Starbucks: When Does Concerted Activity Lose Its Protection? | Slides
Jolsna M. John and Kelsey M. Sheldon

Significant ULP Cases in 2014 | "C" Case Review Powerpoint
Barry J. Kearney

Development of the Law Under the National Labor Relations Act: Selected Court Decisions and Related NLRA Issues 2014

Enforcement Litigation Review Powerpoint
John H. Ferguson

A Review of Developments in NLRB Representation Case Law During 2014
John E. Higgins, Jr.

Summary of Significant NLRB Representation Cases
Jennifer Abruzzo

The Evolving Joint Employer Standard of the Board and General Counsel: Browning-Ferris Meets CNN and McDonald’s
Daniel B. Pasternak, Emily R. Grannis and Naomi Y. Perera

Can I Get A Witness?
Doreen S. Davis

In Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, the NLRB Got It Right: Harassment of One Worker Is Harassment of All Workers
Jenny Marston

Class Action Waivers: How Will the Conflict Between the Board and the Courts Be Reconciled?
Paul E. Bateman

The NLRA: A Real Class Act Employees’ Substantive NLRA Right to Pursue Concerted Legal Action
Angie Cowan Hamada