February 11-12 | Virtual

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Virtually the Same? Videoconference Arbitrations and Some Myths and Ethics about Conducting Them
Christopher David Ruiz Cameron

FMCS and Virtual Negotiations: The Agency Strategy and the Experience of the Parties
Vanessa Bullock, LuAnn Glaser, Robert Smith and David Thaler

Current Developments in Labor and Employment Arbitration
Keith D. Greenberg, Wesley Kennedy and Jennifer Platzkere Snyder

Increasing Diversity in Arbitrator Selection: Update on the Ray Corollary Initiative (Non-CLE)
Homer C. La Rue and Alan A. Symonette

Police Disciplinary Arbitrations: The Problem or the Solution
Gary L. Bailey and Kay H. Hodge

2020 Circuit and Supreme Court Update: Labor and Employment Law Arbitration Decisions
Sally Abrahamson, T. Warren Jackson, Jonathan D. Karmel and Melissa C. Rodriguez

Exemption for Transportation Workers from Coverage Under the Federal Arbitration Act
Lise Gelernter