2020 Meeting Papers

ADR Basics: Practical Pointers when Drafting Settlement Agreements for Workplace Disputes
Victor Voloshin

Implicit Bias and Justice
Preshuslee Thompson

To Three or Not to Three: That is the Question: The Pros and Cons of Tripartite Arbitration
Barry E. Simon, Gary L. Bailey, Amy Moor Gaylord and Alan Symonette

The Media’s Impact on the Perceptions of Arbitration
Prof. Rafael Gely

ADR Remedies for Outside World (Social Media, #MeToo, Violence) Impacts on the Workplace
Alex Caffarelli, Marcia Greenbaum, Wesley Kennedy and James Rosenfeld

ADR Basics: A Closer Look at the EEOC’s Dispute Resolution Program
Tawny Alvarez, Jennifer Ortiz Prather and Jennifer Platzkere Snyder

Current Developments in Labor and Employment Arbitrations
Emily Martin, Vanessa Bullock, David Hughes and Jon H. Rosen

The Trump National Labor Relations Board’s Impact on Labor Arbitration
Dean Burrell, Wesley Kennedy, Theodora R. Lee and Mark Gaston Pearce

2019 Circuit and Supreme Court Update: Labor and Employment Law Arbitration Decisions
Raquel Fas Bravo, Allison Gambill, Michael Z. Green and Richard Siwica

Ethics Issues in Resolving Labor and Employment Disputes through ADR in the Cannabis Industry
Prof. Rafael Gely