2013 Meeting Papers

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What In-House Counsel Wish Outside Counsel Would Do in ADR
Emma Leheny

The Presence of In-House Counsel in ADR: The Plaintiff’s Perspective
Gail Glick

What Outside Counsel Wish In-House Counsel Would Do In ADR
Tracie Childs

Four Steps to Prepare for Productive Mediation: A Guide to In-House Counsel’s Unique Role in Mediation
Joel Grossman and Kim Taylor

Government Fellow Report: Federal Mediation & Conciliation ServiceCarolyn Brommer

Employee Discipline for Social Media Activity: Recent Developments at the NLRB and in Labor Arbitration
Richa Amar

Ethical Use of Social Media in Alternative Dispute Resolution
David Lowe

Social Media, and Its Impact on ADR Practice
Irma Rodriguez-Moisa

Government Fellow Report: US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Edward O’Farrell Loughlin

Enforcing Class Action Waivers in Labor Cases Post-Concepcion
Demetrius Lambrinos

A Survey of 2012 Circuit Court Decisions involving Labor and Employment Arbitration Cases
Thomas Allison

When Employment Arbitration Poses Collateral Consequences for an Employee, Because of an Immigration Issue
Thomas Doyle

FLRA Report
Merritt Weinstein

Gentry v. Superior Court, 42 Cal.4th 443 (2007)
Michael Christian

California Court of Appeal:  Gentry v. Superior Court’s Anti-Waiver Decision Still Good Law Post-Concepcion
Lynne Hermle

Using Post-Litigation Arbitration Agreements and Individual Releases to Defend Against Class Claim
Lynne Hermle

The Human Condition: Its Impact on Arbitrator Selection, Disclosure and Arbitrator Bias
Alan Symonette

The Future of ADR: Practitioners Consider How Our Practices Will Look in 2018? In 2023?
Molly B. Bartalos

An Arbitrator's Look at ADR in the Coming Decade
Theodore St. Antoine

The Future of ADR: Practitioners Consider How Our Practices Will Look in 2018? In 2023? The Plaintiff’s Perspective
Arnie Pedowitz

Current Developments in Labor & Employment Arbitration, 2012
Kenneth May

The New Great Debate about Unionism and Collective Bargaining in U.S. State and Local Governments
Professor David Lewin, Jeffrey Keefe and Thomas A. Kochan

Wisconsin in the 21st Century or Is this a Throwback to the 19th Century
Fredric Dichter

Recent Michigan Labor Law Changes of Significance
Kevin McCarthy

Documents in Support of the Discussion with Professor David Lewin
Brenda Sutton-Wills

To Judge or not to Judge, Retired Judges as Arbitrators
Robert D. Weisman and J. David Campbell