2010 Meeting Papers

Scholar-In-Residence: An Empirical Study of Employment Arbitration: Case Outcomes and Processes (PDF)
Professor Alexander J. S. Colvin

An Overview of the Federal Labor Relations Authority (PDF)
Michael J. Wolf

Public Sector Bargaining Update – The States of the Unions (PDF)
Fredric R. Dichter

Department of the Navy v FLRA (PDF)

The U.S Supreme Court and Its Many Recent Pronouncements on Arbitration – How Much of It Applies to Labor & Employment Arbitration? (PDF)
Professor Kristen Blankley

2011 Circuit Court Update: Labor and Employment Law Arbitration Cases (PDF)
Thomas D. Allison

Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Labor & Employment ADR – Who is the Client? (PDF)
Thomas A. Doyle

Government Fellow Report - Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service: Slides (PDF)Paper (PDF)

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A Scholar’s Guide to Lawyering Skills that Just Might Tip the Scales in Close Arbitration Cases
Professor Ariana Levinson

E-Discovery Arbitration: What Every Advocate and Arbitrator Needs to Know to Competently Manage a Case in the Age of Production of Electronically Stored Information
The Honorable Andrew Peck

Maintaining the Edge: Recent Developments in the Practice of ADR in the Labor and Employment Context
Loretta Attardo, James R. LaVaute, Gary Phelan, Peter W. Zinober

Emerging Ethical Issues in ADR
Susan Grody Ruben, Floyd Weatherspoon, Thomas Doyle, Charles Werner

2009 Circuit Court Update: Labor & Employment Arbitration Cases
Thomas D. Allison, Kevin M. McCarthy, Arnold Pedowitz

Current Developments in Interest Arbitration
Michelle Sullivan, Frank Botta, Alan Symonette

Use of ADR to Resolve Disputes Arising from the Shrinking Workforce
Lawrence Casazza, Kenneth Edwards, Gregory Van Pelt

Government Fellow Report – National Mediation Board
Michael J. Wolf

Current Developments and Discharge Issues in Labor and Employment Arbitration
Ken May

What Hath the Twenty-First Century Wrought? Issues in the Workplace Arising from New Technologies and How Arbitrators Are Dealing with Them
Professor Ariana Levinson

Carolyn Brommer


Working through Impasse in Employment Mediation – Are There Lessons to be Learned from Collective Bargaining Mediation? (PDF)
Carolyn Brommer, Gail Golman Holtzman, Louis B. Kushner and Susan Grody Ruben

Recent Developments at the NLRB and the DOL (PDF)
James R. La Vaute

Recent Developments at the NLRB and the DOL (PDF)
Robert D. Weisman

Current Developments in Labor & Employment Arbitration (PDF)
Kenneth May

Scholar-in-Residence: Labor & Employment ADR in a Portable Employment World –Moving Away from Employer-Promulgated ADR? (PDF)
Professor Alexander J. S. Colvin

Panama Canal Labor System (PPT)
Azael Samaniego 

A New Model for Managing Labor-Management Conflicts
George Cohen