Arvid Anderson Public Sector Award

Arvid Anderson Public Sector Labor and Employment Attorney of the Year Award

About the Award

Attorneys, whether publicly or privately employed, who have devoted substantially their entire careers to the advancement and development of public sector labor and employment law at the state and local level are eligible to receive the Arvid Anderson Award.

This award recognizes an attorney whose career substantially contributed to the development of public sector labor law as exemplified by Arvid Anderson. Arvid Anderson pioneered labor law for public employees at the state and local level first as Secretary and Commissioner of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission from 1948 to 1967 and then as Chairman of the New York City Office of Collective Bargaining from 1968 to 1987. Mr. Anderson was the president of the National Academy of Arbitrators in 1987. He also served as a Member of the Secretary of Labor’s Task Force on Excellence in State and Local Government and has been a long-time member of the and Local Government Bargaining and Employment Law Committee.

Nomination Form

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Presentation of the 2020 Arvid Anderson Award by Immediate Past Section Chair Christopher T. Hexter

Past Award Recipients

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James Baird

Marvin Schurke

Bernard F. Ashe

Martin H. Malin

Allan Drachman

Barbara Zack Quindel

Mark F. Vetter

Parker Denaco

Jerome M. Lefkowitz

R. Theodore (Ted) Clark, Jr.

Arvid Anderson