October 17, 2014

About Us

About Us

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education is 501(c)(3) charitable fund that support the public service and educational programs of the American Bar Association.

David Boies
Armonk, NY
Theodore B. Olson
Washington, DC
Honorary Co-Chairs
Lady Evelyn Booth Olson
Washington, DC
Mary Boies
Armok, NY
Vice Chairs
Mary C. McQueen
Williamsburg, VA
William K. Weisenberg
Columbus OH


Raoul G. Cantero III
Miami , FL

Morgan Chu
Los Angeles, CA

Paul T. Dacier
Los Angeles, CA

Dorian Daley
Redwood City, CA

Carol E. Dinkins
Houston, TX

Hon. Peter T. Fay
Miami, FL

Richard J. Gray
Chicago, IL

Peter T. Grossi, Jr.
McLean, VA

Hon. Wallace B. Jefferson
Austin, TX

Elaine R. Jones
Washington, DC

Susan K. Klooz
Rogers, AR

Hon. Gerald Kogan
Coral Gables, FL

William H. McBride
Tampa , FL

Edward C. Monahan
Frankfort, KY

Alberto J. Mora
McLean, VA

Thomas L. Sager
Wilmington, DE

Laura Stein
Oakland, CA

Howard H. Vogel
Knoxville, TN

Dan K. Webb
Chicago, IL



Thomas A. Hamill
ABA Board of Governors Liaison

Hon. Gary B. Randall
Judicial Division

Tommy Preston, Jr.
Young Lawyers Division


Professor Jon L. Mills
Gainesville, FL

The Task Force will develop recommendations and strategies to address one of the most critical issues facing the legal profession, the underfunding of the justice system. This issue has jeopardized state and federal courts’ ability to operate as an independent branch of government.

The bipartisan Task Force is comprised of the most prominent attorneys in the United States.