October 17, 2014


Media Alerts on Federal Courts of Appeals Project

SCFJI unveiled its Media Alerts on Federal Courts of Appeals website at the First Amendment Center in Washington, DC on November 18, 2009. The website is designed to provide reporters, lawyers, educators, and the public with prompt, accurate, unbiased information about newsworthy and legally significant cases pending in and decided by the Federal Courts of Appeals. The goal is to assist the media's efforts to provide timely and extensive reporting about federal court decisions. Anyone can use the Web site to find short summaries of recent opinions of public interest and noteworthy cases pending oral argument. Read more about this groundbreaking project in the ABA Journal, and the Blog of Legal Time, and visit Media Alerts on Federal Circuit Courts.

As part of this Project, SCFJI co-sponsored its "Public Understanding of the Courts in the Age of New Media" Symposium on February 18, 2011 at the of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix, AZ. This well-received program was covered by C-SPAN and availabe for viewing.

Immigration Justice Project

In 2008, the ABA launched an innovative pro bono immigration project in San Diego, CA pursuant to a seed grant from the ABA Enterprise Fund. The mission of the Immigration Justice Project is to promote due process and access to justice at all levels of the immigration and appellate court system, through the provision of high-quality pro-bono legal services for those in immigration proceedings in San Diego. Partnering in the project are several ABA entities,* the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the federal courts, Georgetown University Law Center's Institute for the Study of International Migration, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and the private bar. Learn more about IJP.

*ABA entity partners are: SCFJI, Commission on Immigration, Section of Litigation, Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public News & Announcements Projects

Pro Bono Employment Litigation Project

SCFJI has researched the assignment of pro bono counsel in pro se employment cases at the federal court level. As a result of these efforts, SCFJI has learned of the existence of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Plaintiffs' Employment Panel (PEP). PEP is the only federal court assistance program focused on employment law and is a joint effort of the court and local bar associations. The Chief Judge of the Eastern District periodically designates one or more members of PEP to serve as Program Coordinator. The Project Coordinator supervises recruitment of attorneys for PEP appointments and works with the court and its clerk's office on other implementation issues. SCFJI feels that organized systems for appointment of counsel in employment cases, such as PEP, are a valuable resource for all federal district courts. Learn more about PEP.