November 11, 2013

About Us

About Us

The Justice Center seeks to accomplish justice system reform by encouraging bench/bar/public collaboration. Drawing on the resources of entities that focus on the judicial branch and the improvement of the administration of justice, the Justice Center promotes programs that enhance the efficiency of the justice system.

Among the issues high on the agenda of the Justice Center are judicial selection reform in the states including the reinvigoration of merit selection, public awareness about the justice system, judicial outreach, interbranch relations, judicial ethics and increasing public trust and confidence in the justice system. To accomplish these goals, the draws on the expertise of judges, bar leaders, law professors and deans, involved citizens, and others who help to accomplish reform and establish innovative activities while publicizing successful models to others with common interests. It provides models, technical assistance, and expertise to those seeking to improve the justice system.

The Justice Center Coordinating Council meets at the ABA Annual and Midyear Meetings.

Learn more about the meetings, programs and events for the Coordinating Council and other Justice Center entity.

The Justice Center is overseen by its Coordinating Council, composed of the Council's Chair, the entity Chairs and the ABA Board of Governor Liaison.

Chair, Justice Center Coordinating Council
Mary Ann Vial Lemmon (New Orleans, LA)

Chair, Standing Committee on Federal Judicial Improvements
Hon. Norma L. Shapiro (Philadelphia, PA)

Chair, Standing Committee on Judicial Independence
Peter Bennett (Portland, ME)

Chair, Judicial Division
Hon. William D. Missouri (Upper Marlboro, MD)

Liaison to the ABA Board of Governors
Timothy W. Bouch (Charleston, SC)


Justice Center Director, Chief Counsel
Peter Koelling