Diversity Resources

Diversity Resources

ABA Diversity and Inclusion 360 Commission
ABA President Paulette Brown (2015-16) led the Diversity and Inclusion 360 Commission in its one-year inquiry into how to develop sustainable action plans that would advance diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, the judicial system and the ABA itself. 

Diversity and Inclusion Showcase Report
The compilation of ABA Opportunities, Programs and Services for Diverse Lawyers

Judicial Division Diversity Action Plan
The Judicial Division continues to implement its Diversity Action Plan adopted at the 2012 Annual Meeting. At each Judicial Division Council Meeting and at relevant times throughout the year, the Diversity Plan is discussed to assure the Division is in compliance. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Division reviews the plan with new leadership for fresh input, conformity and to keep the plan animate.

The Diverse Speakers Directory
The ABA Diverse Speakers Directory is a national clearinghouse of legal experts with an interest in speaking and program moderating opportunities. The Directory was developed in response to repeated requests from internal ABA entities as well as external organizations for diverse legal experts across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. It is a resource for both program organizers and diverse legal experts who have an interest in speaking and moderating opportunities.  

Judicial Division Committees on Diversity

Standing Committee on Diversity in the Judiciary
The Judicial Division Standing Committee on Diversity in the Judiciary (SCDJ), created in 1987, provides a catalyst to promote equal participation of minorities in the profession through educational experiences, outreach opportunities and numerous publications. The SCDJ presents CLE programs, student outreach programs and prints the Minority Judges Directory. The Committee is dedicated to keeping a diverse judiciary in the mind of the public and the legal profession. Learn More

Tribal Courts Council 
The Tribal Courts Council is devoted to educating the public and recognizing the American Indian Tribal courts and the judges thereof. The ABA has no similar convening body that brings tribal court judges together.  The Council is leading an effort to push for a Native American presence in the federal judiciary.  Learn More