Judicial Division COVID-19 Resources

In response to the unprecedented demands on the legal system in general and the judiciary in specific, the Judicial Division has gathered resources from its members and outside entities to provide assistance to judges who are operating in uncertain conditions.

Sample Orders from around the country

State Specific Orders

Federal Court Orders

Administrative Orders

Open Court requirements


Remote Hearings

Post Pandemic

Re-opening Courthouses


  • NCSC Resources to help your court during and after the pandemic

    The Pandemic Rapid Response Team (RRT), a group of chief justices and state court administrators established in March, has been working for months to give state courts information to help them operate more efficiently during – and after -- the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Summary of Remote Hearing Guidance: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous courts have transitioned to remote hearings to adhere to social distancing requirements. This document provides a summary and hyperlinks to articles, guidance, studies and decisions that discuss approaches to remote hearings. Topics include access to justice, accessibility, and due process considerations, among others. Readers should be aware that this document is not exhaustive. 

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