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Judicial Division Record

Published by the ABA Judicial Division, the Judicial Division Record is a comprehensive newsletter featuring news, activities, announcements, programs, and resources for the Division and each of its six conferences.

JD Record Editorial Board | 2023-2024

  • Hon. Elizabeth Gunn


  • Hon. Danette L. Mincey


  • Mr. Brian C. Miller

    Appellate Judges Conference

  • Mr. Neal R. Sonnett

    Lawyers Conference

  • Hon. John C. Allen, IV

    National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary

  • TBA

    National Conference of Federal Trial Judges

  • Hon. Richard Ginkowski

    National Conference of Specialized Court Judges

  • Hon Christina Klineman

    National Conference of State Trial Judges

  • Julie Peacock

    Staff Editor, ABA Judicial Division

    [email protected]

Editorial Guidelines

The JD Record Editorial Guidelines explain the newsletters goals, mission, and other guidelines.

Publication Schedule

  • Fall Issue


  • Winter Issue


  • Spring Issue


  • Summer Issue