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October 06, 2023 Judicial Division

JD Chair's Column


By Hon. Julian Mann, III, Raleigh, NC

To our members, conferences, and leadership, I bid you welcome to a new year. You are the reason we exist. The Latin expression, sine qua non, expresses it the best, without you we are nothing. I begin by acknowledging that fundamental truth and thanking you for your commitment and dedication.

I admit that I am troubled. I have not seen a bigger strain on our coequal judicial branch of government or a greater need to educate a public often bombarded with messages that lead to a misunderstanding of our purpose. Perhaps, you join me in that concern.

Perennially, we evaluate and reflect on our mission in the Judicial Division’s Strategic Plan. Sometimes these plans get lost in a digital file cabinet, but not this one. All we need to do is take a look at what already exists.

Under Goal l of the Strategic Plan, it states: Be an effective voice for the judiciary within and though the ABA.

Strategy 1.4. Establish a series of programs that JD can present for and/or at the Conference of other entities (as to)…election and selection of state and federal judges.

Action: Demystifying the Judicial Election and Selection process for both State and Federal Courts.

And, perhaps, Goal III is the most important of all: Achieve a Fair and Impartial Justice System.

I solicit your help in implementing our existing JD Strategic Plan Goals that will result in specific recommendation on how we may continue to preserve judicial integrity and the rule of law. Let’s start first by educating the public on the role of the judiciary and the need to preserve it.

Please step out and join me in this endeavor. 

Hon. Julian Mann, III (Ret.)

2023-2024 Chair, Judicial Division

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