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April 07, 2023 National Conference of State Trial Judges

Improving Case Management with the Latest Thinking on Using Court-Appointed Neutrals

Save the date for this CLE webinar: June 1 at 1:00pm Eastern

Please join the National Conference of State Trial Judges and the Lawyers Conference for How to Use Court-Appointed Neutrals to Improve Case Management: A 2023 Benchbook.”

The Judicial Division and the Academy of Court-Appointed Neutrals have been at the forefront of transforming the use of court-appointed neutrals (what people have called “special masters”) into a useful tool for judges and litigants. Making effective use of court-appointed neutrals can expand a judge’s reach, improve the case administration, increase access to justice and reduce parties’ costs and case disposition time. This program will discuss the latest; 2023 edition of the Academy of Court-Appointed Neutrals Benchbook, and assist judges and litigants on:

  1. how judges can use court-appointed neutrals
  2. what issues judges should consider in appointing neutrals
  3. what judges should address in an appointment order
  4. what ethics issues should judges consider
  5. what resources are available for additional assistance

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