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January 31, 2022

Editor's Note Regarding the Midyear Meeting

By Julie Peacock, JD Record Staff Editor

While this issue was on its way to publish, the ABA Board of Governors met and voted to convert the 2022 Midyear Meeting to a fully virtual meeting.

Articles in this issue were edited to reflect this change, but some of the JD plans for the Midyear Meeting are not yet final as we convert to a fully virtual meeting.

We ask that you please refer to the JD's Guide to the 2022 Midyear Meeting for the most current information about the JD's schedule and events, or to the ABA Meetings & Travel Department's Midyear Meeting website for information about the move to virtual. These webpages will be updated as soon as staff receives information, so please make sure to check them before contacting staff with questions.