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October 08, 2021 National Conference of Federal Trial Judges

NCFTJ Chair's Column

Our Fall Plans vs. the Delta Variant

By Hon. Diana Song Quiroga, Laredo, TX

Just when we began feeling a sense of euphoria and relief at the prospect of putting behind us the daunting year we endured under the Covid-19 pandemic, the Delta variant is sabotaging our fall plans.  While a year ago our members in their courthouses and chamber families were “building the plane while flying it,” we are now better prepared and armed with the lessons learned during an unprecedented year of running courthouse operations virtually.  I am proud of the resiliency our court families have shown, and grateful for the grace and kindness we have extended to each other during trying times.

As your Chairperson this year, my goals are to meet the evolving membership needs of our conference, and to increase the opportunities for making connections with fellow judges, the bar, and the pre-law youth pipeline.  We will continue to work with the ABA to highlight the needs for judicial and courthouse security.  For our programming, we want to identify the work you may be doing already in your local communities and come alongside to provide support and help recruit others to amplify your efforts.  We will also take advantage of the growing accessibility of remote technology to expand public outreach to students and educational content for lawyers to improve judicial administration.  Your 2021-2022 Executive Committee is invested in making this year count as we lay the groundwork for better days ahead.  Please reach out to any of the committee chairs if you are interested in their work.  We welcome your involvement and look forward to serving you this bar year!  

  • Congressional Affairs
    Hon. Robert B. Collings
  • Diversity
    Hon. Maurice Foley
  • Educational Programs/Webinars
    Hon. Stanley Boone
  • Ethics and Professionalism
    Hon. Nannette Brown
  • Finance and Non-Dues Revenue
    Hon. Willie Epps
  • Judicial Clerkship Program
    Hon. Elizabeth Stong
  • Judicial Outreach Network
    Hon. Richard Boulware
  • Membership
    Hon. Michelle Childs
  • Nominations
    Hon. Miguel Torres
  • Judges Journal
    Hon. Nanette Baker
  • JD Record
    Hon. Kaymani West