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October 08, 2021 Lawyers Conference

LC Chair's Column

By Shenique A. Moss, Detroit, MI

It is such a tremendous honor to serve you as the 2021-2022 Chair of the Lawyers Conference of the American Bar Association’s Judicial Division (LC). As I begin my term as Chair, I would first like to thank Past Chair, Carolyn A. Dubay and Immediate Past Chair, Monica A. Fennell for their hard work and steadfast leadership during the pandemic. They showed tremendous poise under pressure as the LC pivoted from in person to virtual meetings and seminars, which I am certain was not an easy feat. I am eager to carry the torch and continue to build on the legacy of strong leadership that has come before me. I would also like to thank LC members who have continuously given their time and talents to further the administration of justice.

Established in 1975, the LC is the dynamic home for lawyers, law professors, law students and other legal professionals interested in working closely with judges on advancing the judicial administration. The LC’s mission is to provide a forum for attorneys and law students to interact with members of the judiciary and the community; to improve the administration of justice; to advance confidence in the judiciary; and to promote a diverse and adequately funded justice system.

During this bar year, my primary focus is to engage our membership, offer activities and initiatives that are more reflective of our conference’s mission and the needs of our membership, and expand collaborative efforts with other Judicial Division (JD) conferences as well as other ABA entities.  The LC will also continue to expand its member outreach, encourage greater participation in furtherance of its mission, and increase its visibility and that of the JD.

In accepting his position as ABA President at the 2021 Annual Meeting, Reginald M. Turner, remarked “It’s clear to me that the sun is rising on the rule of law in the United States and in free societies throughout the world, and it remains a powerful beacon of hope for those who do now live as free people.”  Now more than ever, it is important that we increase our efforts to educate the public on the Rule of Law and the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary. As such, the LC will also explore opportunities to further partner with local bar associations to support their public education initiatives and projects.

Every Spring, the JD's Judicial Outreach Network hosts a National Judicial Outreach Week (NJOW) to encourage judges and lawyers who support a fair and impartial judiciary to engage the community directly and to confirm the public’s commitment to ensuring that the courts remain fair and impartial.  This bar year’s NJOW will be held March 1-10, 2022. While NJOW is still several months away, I urge you to start thinking about how you and your local bar association can participate in this effort.

I also welcome and encourage all members of the LC to actively participate in one or more of the lawyer’s conference’s committees. Your insights and enthusiasm will make a profound difference in what we can accomplish. Joining a committee can be a great way to get involved with the conference and engage in specific, limited­ scope projects or events that you are passionate about. It is also a great way to build your profes­sional network. Additionally, committee participation enables you to support judges in the fair administration of justice in the federal, state, local, and administrative courts, develop lasting relationships with judges and other lawyers, and hone your leadership skills. Please visit our committee webpage to learn about ways to get more involved.

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