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April 05, 2021 Council of Appellate Staff Attorneys | Judicial Division Appellate Judges Conference

CASA Chair's Column

By William T. Owen, Nashville, TN

When I attended my first ABA Midyear Meeting several years ago, I was surprised to see how many of the attendees appeared to be old friends. It was daunting to walk into a meeting on the first day and realize the other attendees all knew each other. However, I was warmly welcomed, and my concerns quickly dissipated. Since that first meeting, I have been fortunate to make many friends among the lawyers and judges of the JD and AJC, and I look forward to seeing them at every opportunity. 

The success of the Council of Appellate Staff Attorneys depends on the hard work of our members. We always need more volunteers, and I encourage all of our members to get involved. If you are interested in helping with our educational programs, writing an article for the CASA Chronicles, serving on a committee, or learning more about leadership positions, please contact me. The experience is incredibly rewarding, and you will meet some wonderful people.

Turning to business, CASA’s executive board held its winter meeting on February 20 during the ABA Midyear Meeting. Much of CASA’s meeting centered on membership. At the suggestion of JD Chair-elect Chris Browning, we are reaching out to attorneys employed by the appellate courts in more administrative roles such as general counsel and clerk of the court. While we already have some members in these roles, we have never before made a focused effort to recruit them.  We are also discussing the possibility of co-hosting a social event with the Council of Appellate Lawyers to recruit local attorneys during the Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit scheduled for November in Austin.  As always, please encourage the staff attorneys and law clerks in your office to join CASA.

CASA members have resumed their work on the AJEI Education Committee, building on the work they began last year. Many of our members are involved with Summit programs, and all the programs promise to be outstanding this year. With so many of us eager to connect in person again, this year’s Summit is certain to be one of the best ever. 

William T. Owen

William T. Owen

2020-2021 CASA Chair