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2020 Spring Edition

Vol. 23 Iss. 3   April 2020

Judicial Division

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Public Access to Court Services Through Artificial Intelligence: New Jersey’s “Judiciary Information Agent”

Expanded deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in courts was front and center at the National Association for Court Management’s (NACM) mid-year conference this past February in Charlotte, North Carolina, both in educational sessions and the vendor exhibition. One of the sessions explored the Superior Court of New Jersey’s use of chatbots to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) posed by the public.

Court Administration

Standing Committee on Diversity in the Judiciary Host Judicial Outreach Program to High School Students at Midyear

We had the unique opportunity of visiting Garza Independence High School. The description of the school on its’ website truly gives all a picture of the school and the students. “Imagine a high school where students are in control of their destiny. Imagine a high school that believes that a student's environment and history does not have to decide his or her future..."

Appellate Judges Conference

Lawyers Conference

National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary

National Conference of Federal Trial Judges

National Conference of Specialized Court Judges

National Conference of State Trial Judges

Highway to Justice | 2020 Spring

Produced through a joint project of the ABA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "Highway to Justice" is designed to be a source for news and updates on national traffic safety news geared towards judges.