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The Judges' Journal

A quarterly publication of the ABA Judicial Division

The Judges' Journal Editorial Board | 2023-2024

  • Hon. Frank J. Bailey (Ret.)


  • Hon. Margaret Kuroda Masunaga (Ret.)


  • Hon. Victor Bolden

    National Conference of Federal Trial Judges

  • Hon. Stephanie Domitrovich

    National Conference of State Trial Judges

  • Hon. Elizabeth R. Finn (Ret.)

    National Conference of Specialized Court Judges

  • Mr. Daniel F. Gourash

    Lawyers Conference

  • Hon. Christopher J. McFadden

    Appellate Judges Conference

  • Hon. Jennifer M. Russell

    National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary

  • Hon. Herbert B. Dixon, Jr. (Ret.)

    Member at Large

  • Ms. Marla N. Greenstein

    Member at Large

  • Ms. Melissa Hodek

    Managing Editor, ABA Publishing

    [email protected]

Author Guidelines

The Judges' Journal is seeking talented writers who want to share their expertise, strategies, and experiences in the justice system.