February 03, 2020 Feature

Self-Regulation in the Big Data and AI Space

By John Villafranco

Big data implicates a plethora of different issues, from cutting-edge legal considerations to ethical, social, and moral challenges. Whether society is truly able to gain anything from the immense collection of data about consumers and businesses alike depends on society’s ability to thoughtfully address these issues while balancing the flexibility necessary to allow for innovation. The ABA Antitrust Section’s report Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Emerging Legal and Self-Regulatory Considerations endeavors to address both the proliferation of mass data collection and the legal and social implications of its use. Focusing on existing regulatory regimes regarding privacy and consumer harm, and the potential for self-regulation, the report highlights the need to move quickly as artificial intelligence and machine learning become more ubiquitous throughout society. The following excerpts from the Section’s report touch on the major issues it addresses.

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