May 01, 2019 Feature

Professional and Occupational Licensing Reform—One Small Step at a Time: An Update from Louisiana

By Emalie A. Boyce

Louisiana’s Division of Administrative Law

Louisiana, like many other states, has established a centralized hearing panel for adjudicating executive branch agency actions subject to the right to administrative review.1 More than 20 years ago, Louisiana’s Division of Administrative Law (DAL) was legislatively created as an independent agency within the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service to serve as a quasi-judicial, executive branch agency responsible for rendering decisions, as jurisdictionally qualified, on the exercise of executive branch authority subject to the right to administrative review. DAL promptly dockets and timely renders decisions for multiple executive branch agencies, mindful of its mission and obligation to provide a forum for neutral, fair, and impartial hearings. Except as qualified, decisions are final, and agencies are not entitled to seek judicial review.2

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