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Addiction and Recovery

Vol. 57 No. 1   January 2018


Courts & Judiciary

Prevalence, Causes, and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Primer

Drug and alcohol addiction are among the most prevalent and costly psychiatric disorders, particularly in the context of the criminal justice system. The authors provide an overview of the science of addiction, focusing on the diagnosis of substance use disorder, the brain processes that lead to addiction, the risk factors that increase the risk for addiction, and the available behavioral and medical treatments.

Courts & Judiciary

Best Practices and Recommendations: Judicial and Medical Perspectives on Cases Involving Addiction to Opioids

How to handle cases involving drug use has evolved over time as our understanding of addiction and science has become more sophisticated. We have learned that punishing addicts is not black and white, and steps like enhancing sentencing to deter drug traffickers are now being taken to get at the root of the problem.

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