May 01, 2016 Waymaker

Honorable William D. Missouri

By Judge Michele D. Hotten

I had the honor of interviewing the Honorable William D. Missouri for this issue’s Waymaker. Judge Missouri served with distinction as the chief judge and the administrative judge for the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Maryland, the administrative judge for Prince George’s County Maryland District Court, special legal counsel to the Office of the Prince George’s County Executive, Assistant State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County, and a mediator and arbitrator for JAMS. His impressive credentials include serving as past chair of the ABA Judicial Division, chair-elect of the Senior Lawyers Division, past chair of the National Conference of State Trial Judges, and past chair of the Standing Committee on Gun Violence. He is also a Life Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and a member of countless other sections and committees of the ABA and numerous other bar associations. Judge Missouri’s efforts to level the playing field to address inequalities experienced by persons of color in the judicial and legal systems in Maryland are significant. He has passionately pursued the road less traveled through a commitment of service to the community. Judge Missouri exemplifies the term “Waymaker.”

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